A Japanese Man Killed His Friend in Real Life because his friend refused to give him 6x Scope in PUBG Mobile

Japanese man killed his friend for 6x scope pubg mobile

An image with the title “A Japanese Man Killed his friend just because he didn’t gave him 6x Scope in PUBG” is circulating all over the internet and on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. An example of the same is shown above. According to the posts and various websites, A man from somewhere in Japan was playing PUBG Mobile along with his friend. Everything was going well until he asked his friend for the 6x scope. His friend refused to give him the scope, which left the man angry and led the man killing his friend. This was the whole story portrayed by some random person and spread like fire on the internet.

The Truth about this PUBG Mobile Murderer!

The image of the man you are seeing below in the court on his hearing is actually a Chinese murderer and not a Japanese. If you look closely, you will notice that the policemen that are holding the accused are Chinese Cops and not Japanese as seen in the image below. He was held for killing 9 innocent students from the same school he passed out from.

japanese man killed friend for 6x scope pubg mobile

His real name is Zhao Zewei as stated by DailyMail. The attack took place last year during September in Mizhi count, north-western China. When asked him the reason for this gruesome attack, he told the court about his sufferings during his school time. He told how other students used to bully him and often beat him during his school days. All the bullying made him exasperated and got him filled with hatred for the students of the same school. He bought five tactical knives online and attacked the students of the Shaanxi Province school. This attack left 9 students dead and rest critically injured.


This was the truth about the viral image circulating on social networking websites. Now you know that was a HOAX and reality is totally different. It’s the online era where anything can go viral within few minutes. So, we must always research about any news before sharing it with your friends or family. Sharing wrong and misleading content can lead to confusion and turmoil. Lately, PUBG Mobile is gaining popularity and the number of users are increasing each day. So, it might be possible that the competitors would want to create a chaos among the PUBG Mobile community and others related to the game. So it is highly recommend to first confirm about anything before sharing it with other.

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