About Us


Not long ago in 2018 PUBG Mobile was released and spread like fire across the Globe. Earlier then it was the simplest battle royale game. No clans, no royale pass, no premium crates, no fancy outfits, just a refined battle royale experience.

After Season 1 ended, everything was changed, the new clan system was introduced! and The Golden Pan was born. Earlier that time there were a limited number of clans and ours was one of them. Founded by GoldRSYCHE (The Leader) & GoldSKYNYT (The Co-Leader). Without any goals and a couple of members, we kept on rising and making progress. Slowly new members kept adding up, some are still with us and some are not. Those who are still with us are the loyal ones who have seen the ups and downs of The Golden Pan Clan and have never left us on our own but helped us in every unfortunate situation. Slowly and slowly we kept leveling up and now while I’m writing this, we are at Level 9.

Meanwhile, in October 2018 The Golden Pan’s Instagram Page was created which has over 18,000+ followers now and increasing. We are most active on Instagram and love to post Gameplay Clips, Memes, updates, and polls. If you have not yet followed us there, please take a minute and click on that follow button, you would not regret it.

Coming back, once we also decided to start Live Streaming of our gameplays so that people can enjoy and learn whatever they could, but unfortunately, none of our devices supported internal audio recording and voice while in-game, all due to the strict restrictions of Android after the Nougat update. But we are still trying to figure out a way so that we can go live on YouTube and stream our gameplays, though we have our own YouTube channel on which we upload random videos, tips, and updates that which you can Subscribe.

Lately, PUBG Mobile announced the PUBG Mobile India Series aka. PMIS in early 2019 for all the Indian Region Players. We got up & I registered my squad from our clan to compete in that tournament. We just registered in that for fun and had no hope to be able to qualify even the First Round that was the Qualifiers, but we did. Players like Mortal and other well-known streamers were also competing in the same. We somehow managed to be the Semifinalists of PMIS 2019 and I feel lucky enough that a squad that has never played any tournament before, ranked Semifinalist in such a big tournament where players from all over India participated.

Many people ask me why am I spending so much just to keep this website running. Honestly, even I don’t know the answer to that question. Might be PUBG Mobile is what I find my interest in and sharing my knowledge of this game and keeping all my fellow clan mates and other PUBG enthusiasts updated on the latest happenings in the PUBG Mobile world is what makes me happy. Writing is my hobby and PUBG is my passion, I combined both, and here is the result, The Golden Pan.