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Another PUBG Mobile VPN Loot Trick that You Must Try

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Yet another day and we are still waiting for the new PUBG Mobile Season 7 to be released. With a lot of exciting new and amazing additions PUBG Mobile Season 7 is something everyone would love. If you have not yet read about when is Season 7 going to be release and what’s new coming the next, you must read PUBG Mobile Season 7 Update – Release Date, Royale Pass and Features before anything else.

Now coming back, there is a new VPN Trick that will get you a lot of stuff as you can see in the screenshot below. This is the latest PUBG Mobile VPN Trick that is still working. In order to get all these free stuff without running into any problem, read the steps below.

PUBG Mobile VPN Trick Steps to Follow:

Now in order to get all the free stuff that includes, “130 Silver Fragments, 50 Classic Coupon Scraps and 25 Hero Crates” which is quite a lot. If you will combine the 50 Classic Coupon Scraps, you are going to get 10 Classic Coupons using which you can open 10 Classic crates the contents of which has been shown in the screenshot below.

pubg mobile, pubg mobile vpn trick, pubg mobile trick

You will also get some new outfits out of the Hero Crate and if you already got all the Hero Crate outfits then just dismantle the outfits from the Hero Crates and turn them into even more Silver Fragments.

  • Step 2: After downloading and installing any one of the above VPN application, you need to close PUBG Mobile in case it is running in the background.
  • Step 3: Now open the VPN application and from Locations, connect to Taiwan, China.
  • Step 4: After connecting successfully, minimize the VPN application and open PUBG Mobile.
  • Step 5: As soon as you open the game, simply go to the messages section as shown in the screenshot below.

pubg mobile, pubg mobile vpn trick, pubg mobile trick

  • Step 6: After clicking on the message icon, you will find a message from “System”. Just click on that message and click on the “Collect” Button.

This is it! You have successfully collected the rewards. Now you can combine the coupon scraps and Try your luck in the crates section of PUBG Mobile.

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Some Useful Tips before opening the Crates:

If you have decided to open the crates using the coupons, then we suggest you to open the crates while being connected to Taiwan. This will make the chances of getting some Mythic or Legendary stuff higher as compared to highly populated location like Middle East, Asia etc.

Important: After opening all the crates make sure to close PUBG Mobile and disconnect from Taiwan. It is very important because longer sessions on another server might lead to problems with your PUBG Mobile account. Enjoy! and don’t forget to share it with your squad.


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