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BattleGrounds Mobile India Account Ban Guidelines | How to Not Get Banned in BGMI

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BattleGrounds Mobile India is in its early access phase (BETA), and any India player can download BattleGrounds Mobile India, from the Google Play Store, and play it with their squad. Although, this time KRAFTON has been strict regarding the game rules, and released a long list of guidelines that must be followed by every player of BattleGrounds Mobile India so as not to get their BGMI account banned; temporarily, or permanently. Below we have mentioned each and every guideline released by KRAFTON that can lead to your BattleGrounds Mobile India account ban.

BattleGrounds Mobile India Account Ban Guidelines | Must Abide

Here is the list of STRICT GUIDELINES released by KRAFTON, neglecting which can lead to your BattleGrounds Mobile Account Ban permanently, or temporarily.

GuidelinesBGMI Account Ban Duration
Use of unauthorized programs or hardware devices3 Days BAN
Modifying the Game Client, Servers or Game DataPERMANENT BAN
Exploiting errors and bugs found while playing the GamePERMANENT BAN
Disrespect or use offensive words towards others based on their race, gender, nationality, etc.PERMANENT BAN
Use of Inappropriate Nicknames90 Days BAN
Team Up (By Forming Teams Outside What is Allowed By The Selected Game Mode)PERMANENT BAN
Stalk Other Players from Match to MatchPERMANENT BAN
Publish information that personally identifies another (e.g. disclosing personal information of others to third parties or making it publicly available)PERMANENT BAN
Manipulating Match ResultsPERMANENT BAN
Stealing Another User’s AccountPERMANENT BAN
AFK while in a matchPERMANENT BAN
Trading or selling the accounts or its game data without the company’s written approvalPERMANENT BAN
Spreading false information, abuse the customer service platform, impersonate an employee, create and spread rumors, or conduct any other acts that disturb the company’s normal business operationsPERMANENT BAN
Playing the Game AbnormallyPERMANENT BAN

More details about the BattleGrounds Mobile India Account Ban guidelines: A player must keep in mind all these guidelines in order NOT TO LOSE their BattleGrounds Mobile India account forever.

The impending penalty criteria are used to protect the customer’s enjoyment while playing the game. The operation of errors and glitches as an act that includes system currency and virtual objects. Typically, the company believes that the maximum penalty term specified in the “Criminal Criteria for Violation” scheme is the most severe penalty for an appropriate action; however, depending on the severity of the offense, the fine imposed may be even more severe, including legal action taken against the player.

The company can restrict user control of the game if there are cases of misconduct on a particular device device in order to maintain a fair gaming environment. Any game currency, items and other information related to the character may be deleted if they are obtained due to misconduct; and depending on the seriousness of the violation, not only the symbolic data of the recipient but also all the character data of the user can be deleted. The names of the clans should be based on Article 5, paragraph 5 of the Code of Conduct “Do not use inappropriate nicknames.”


If you do not follow the Code of Conduct, you may be prohibited from using the Service without prior notice in accordance with the Criminal Code. If your violation exceeds the last attempt shown in the table below, a permanent ban is applied. If you violate the criteria listed in the table below and your credentials are displayed in the level mode, your credentials may be temporarily or permanently removed.

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