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BattleGrounds Mobile India UC Price List | Check Payback UC Now!

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BattleGrounds Mobile India Early Access is available to the PUBG Mobile India players, and anyone who was waiting for their favorite Battle Royale game, can now download BattleGrounds Mobile India APK directly from the Google Play Store and enjoy the long awaited release of the game. Although, the game is currently in BETA, that means the presence of quite a few bugs and glitches. Also, we tried the game and found that the Early Access version is not that stable, and loses network often. But, all these bugs, and stability issues are sure going to be patched once the game’s final version will be released. Other than the Early Access version, another great news for the BattleGrounds Mobile India players is, the UC Prices. KRAFTON recently announced the updated UC prices for BattleGrounds Mobile India, and the prices are quite similar to the global version, PUBG Mobile. Anyone who wish to buy UC in BGMI can checkout the updated prices in the game, along with the payback quantity if someone has purchased the UC at higher prices.

BattleGrounds Mobile India UC Price List | Payback UC in BGMI Now

BattleGrounds Mobile India UC PackPayback UC Quantity
60 UC10
300 UC50
600 UC110
1,500 UC245
3,000 UC600
6,000 UC1,275
BGMI Shop Pack 0210
BGMI Shop Pack 0430

BattleGrounds Mobile India UC Price Announcement | BGMI UC Price

KRAFTON made this announcement to the BGMI players using their social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

[OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT] Adjustment of UC purchase price and future actions. UC price has been adjusted in-game.


“First of all, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the players in India who had been waiting for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA for a long time and enjoying the Early Access version.”

“We are taking every single opinions you are giving while playing BGMI very seriously, and will pleasantly review and reflect the precious ideas you are giving as to provide you a blissful gaming environment.”

“Among the opinions you’ve given during this Early Access, we have confirmed that the UC purchase price in the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Early Access version is higher than that of Global version. Accordingly, we have decided to reflect your opinions and plan to lower the purchase price of UC to an appropriate price.”

“After the price has been adjusted, we plan to pay you back additional UC for each UC product as follows, as soon as possible to accounts that have purchased UC before the adjustment.”

“The detailed schedule for the UC price adjustment will be announced through an additional notice.”

“We will continue to do our best to provide an enjoyable gaming environment to all the players in India.”

“Thank you for your patience and kind understanding.”


The BGMI UC prices more or less similar to the global version, PUBG Mobile. Also, a remainder for all the PUBG Mobile India fans is that the BattleGrounds Mobile India Early Access version is available to everyone, and anyone can download and play BGMI BETA version by clicking on this LINK. Once the final, and more stable version of the game is launched, players will be notified about the same.

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