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Countries where PUBG Mobile is Banned

PUBG Mobile Banned, Countries where PUBG Mobile is Banned, PUBG Mobile Banned in India, PUBG Mobile News

PUBG Mobile has been a terrific success for Tencent, the developers of the most popular Battle Royale game ever. No one ever thought that the game would be so addictive that government officials will have to impose a ban on it. As many as more than 500 Million people from around the world play PUBG Mobile as stated by Polygon. Not only that, each day an estimated number of 87 Million people play PUBG Mobile. There are countless cases across the globe related to the game that we have discussed below.

Prime Reason for PUBG Mobile Ban in Various Countries

PUBG Mobile is just a game like any other online Battle Royale, so why only PUBG is being targeted and no other game is getting banned? The truth is that there are many reasons the countries are imposing a ban on this game. Let us dig deeper, recently there have been many cases against people becoming violent after the PUBG Mobile addiction. Also many parents complaining about their child’s academic performance getting poor and poor after being addicted to the game. Apart from that every country that has banned PUBG Mobile either temporarily or permanently has their own reasons. Let us see which countries have banned PUBG Mobile and what is the reason behind the same.

List of Countries where PUBG Mobile is Banned

Here is the list of countries where PUBG Mobile is banned either temporarily or permanently. All the countries that have been listed here have already put a ban on PUBG Mobile and the people living in those countries are refrained from playing the game due to the restrictions on the game servers by the central government.

1. India

PUBG Mobile Banned, Countries where PUBG Mobile is Banned, PUBG Mobile Banned in India

The latest addition on this list is India, the country where PUBG Mobile has the most number of downloads as well as most numbers of active users. But, after the ban on PUBG Mobile in India by the Indian Government, the game is dead for all the Indian PUBG Mobile players and became inaccessible within the country. Though, it is not yet confirmed whether the PUBG Mobile Ban in India is going to be forever, or it will be released again after complying with the terms of Indian Government. Everything depends on KRAFTON, which is the parent company of PUBG Mobile.

2. China

PUBG Mobile Banned, Countries where PUBG Mobile is Banned, PUBG Mobile Banned in China

Last year China’s Online Gaming Ethics Review Committee had surveyed around 20 popular online games and banned 9 of them. PUBG Mobile and Fortnite were among those 9 games that were banned. The reason for the ban of PUBG Mobile was uncontrolled exposure of “Blood and Gore”, and for Fortnite it was “Blood, Gore and the ostentation of vulgar content. Other titles such as Blizzards Overwatch was temporally banned and asked for a “corrective action” and stop displaying the “incorrect values and inharmonious chatroom”.

3. Nepal

PUBG Mobile Banned, Countries where PUBG Mobile is Banned, PUBG Mobile Banned in Nepal

It is quite a coincidence that another neighbor of India and China has banned PUBG Mobile. Unlike India, Nepal had imposed a nationwide ban on the game last month this year. According to the Federal Investigation Agency of Nepal (FIA), PUBG Mobile has been the prime reason for student escaping from their studies and other important activities just for playing PUBG Mobile. The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) had ordered al the Internet Service Providers in Nepal to block all the data transfer between users and PUBG servers, making the game unplayable. After 2 weeks the ban was lifted as Supreme Court observed and concluded that PUBG Mobile is just a game for public entertainment and is not harmful in any way. Also quoted, every citizen has the right to use the internet as per their desire, and the ban was lifted off.

4. Iraq

PUBG Mobile Banned, Countries where PUBG Mobile is Banned, PUBG Mobile Banned in Iraq

Same time last month when PUBG was banned in Nepal, Iraq also imposed a nationwide ban on PUBG Mobile. According to the National Government of Iraq, games such as Player Unknown Battle Grounds and Fortnite cause negative impact on the society, culture, ethics and the security of the nation.

Is PUBG Mobile Banned in your Country?

As the above four countries banned PUBG Mobile, there are speculations that other countries might as well ban the popular battle royale game in the coming time. Gaming is not a crime, but people must also, should not escape from daily activities which are substantial for their future and others related to them. What do you think is banning PUBG Mobile the best solution or not, and is PUBG Mobile also banned in your country? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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