Hello, I'm the leader of The Golden Pan Clan, PUBG Mobile. Four times reached Conqueror (S3, S6, S7 & S9) in Asia Server (Squad & Duo). I have also participated in the PMIS 2019 in which we stood semifinalists. This blog is just to keep you guys updated with the latest PUBG Mobile news, updates, tips, tricks & other important articles to help you play even better.


    • GoldRSYCHE

      Hello Sharandeep, It depends upon the VPN you are using and the mode in PUBG Mobile you played for the duration of time you have stated. Accounts are more likely to get terminated while playing Classic Modes over VPN and not while playing in Arcade Mode.

  • Kevin

    Hey bro
    i didn,t know that using vpn can make you banned from pubgm

    Last week im playing with vpn with my friends using vpn which that region is not far from my country

    Does my account get banned ? Its already 1 week and nothing happen

    I spend a lot of money for this game 🙁
    Please reply . Thankyou

    • GoldRSYCHE

      Hello Kevin, the moment you enter and play while being connected to VPN, you get a “Data Error” notice right after the game. If you haven’t got the error message then there is no need to panic as everything is fine. Though, always avoid using VPN to play classic matches in the first place due to the PUBGM 3rd party app use policy. Hope I helped.

    • Faqruzzaman

      Hello I am from Bangladesh. Recently we having server problem in Bangladesh. We can’t completing our weekly mission .Me and my friend use vpn to complete your mission. My question is. Will my ID ban if i use vpn??

  • ahmed

    Hello my brother, I got a 10-year ban because on a vpn I entered a match and before the plane took off I remembered and turned off the vpn after landing from the plane I found a weapon and I killed a boot and I appeared to me changed the contact information and found a 10-year ban ,, why the honest player gets a 10-year ban and the cheater player 10 minutes ?

    • GoldRSYCHE

      Hello Ahmed, feeling bad that your account got compromised due to the use of VPN. As per the policy of PUBG Mobile playing on a VPN is punishable due to certain reasons. Although, in this case you can always File Claim or contact the customer support and explain to them the reason you have been banned for.

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