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Get a Cool Green UMP9 Skin for Free in PUBG Mobile

If you too are a school shoe guy like me, who does not have much of a cool swanky weapon skins and always get crappy school stuff, then let me tell you, it’s your day. In the video I have shown you how to get that cool looking UMP9 Skin for no price. All you need to have is around 600 Silver fragments which all of us have by dismantling the school shoes and all that crap that PUBG Mobile gives us every single time upon opening any crate. After collecting enough Silver Fragments, use the PUBG Mobile VPN Trick given below!

I have made a full detailed video that is placed above, if the video is not clear then please do read the steps written below. It is not a hack nor anything illegal. The fact is that PUBG Mobile is not consistent when it comes to providing the same outfits, skins etc. to all of us at the same time. For example, if the Korean version has some outfit or weapon skin then you might not find the same thing in the Global version.

Likewise, it depends from region to region, like Indians, during the Diwali festival last year got an option to purchase the Kurta Pyjama and no such option was available to other regions. This time it is special because you can get the UMP9 Skin, not for UC, but for the Silver Fragments which we all have.

Now read the steps carefully and do the exact same thing as I have done in the video. Please note, purchasing UC while connected to VPN server to a different region to get UC at low prices is Illegal and we strictly do not support such kind of practices and you should not either. If your account gets banned then we will not be responsible for the same.

Follow the Steps Given Below:

  1. Install the ExpressVPN – #1 Trusted VPN from play store or by clicking on the name provided here, it will redirect you to the Play Store.
  2. Now open ExpressVPN application and enter your email address and register.
  3. Now click on the selected location, and then click on the 3 dots. From there go to “All Locations” and click on “Asia Pacific” and then select “Thailand”.
  4. It will take few seconds and then it will be connected.
  5. Open PUBG Mobile and then go to Shop, and Click the “Redeem” section from the bottom right corner.
  6. You will see this green UMP9 skin there, click buy and then select the Silver Fragment option and then purchase it for the duration you want.

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That’s all, after you buy this skin then close PUBG Mobile, disconnect the VPN Server from clicking on Disconnect button from within the ExpressVPN application. In case of any problem or query leave a comment here or on our YouTube video comment section.

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