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How to Join Custom Room in PUBG Mobile [UPDATED 2020]

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So you have been playing PUBG Mobile for quite a long now and you came across some of your friends sharing their experience of playing in a custom room. Now, you might think what is a custom room and how can you play in one. This article is all about custom rooms, how you can join a custom room in PUBG Mobile and how you can create a custom room and invite your friends to play in the same.

What is a Custom Room in PUBG Mobile?

A custom room is basically a private space or a custom server in which only those can play who have the credentials for that particular room. When anyone creates a custom room in PUBG Mobile, it’s protected with a unique password which the creator decides. Apart from the password there is a unique 5 digit Room ID that is different for every single room shown in the screenshot below. No two room ID’s can be identical.

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Anyone with the correct Room ID and password can easily join the custom room in PUBG Mobile for which the particular Room ID and Password belongs. We have listed four very simply steps by which you will have no problems joining in a custom room whatsoever. Follow these four simple steps to easily join any custom room in PUBG Mobile.

Step 1: Click on the Map Selection Menu

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Once you are in the game home page, you will see a tiny house icon present left hand side under the mode selection menu. Simply click on that tiny house icon.

Step 2: Enter Room ID

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Now after you clicked on that tiny house icon, something like this will appear on your screen. There will be a text area on the top left corner of the screen where you will see “Enter Room ID” will be written and an Enter button will be present next to it. Now you simply have to put the Room ID provided by the room creator (your friend, The Golden Pan) or any tournament organizer.

Step 3: Enter Room Password

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After you enter the Room ID in step 2, a pop up box like this will appear in which you will have to enter the unique Room Password. The organizer or the creator of the custom room in PUBG Mobile will also provide you the Room Password along with room ID. So you need to remember that or else, without the room password you will not be able to join the room. A room password can be anything from as simple as 123456 or as complex as fg45@e.

Step 4: Join the Slot Allotted by the Organizer

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After correctly entering the Room ID and Password, you will see something like the screenshot above. In a custom room there is a space for 100 Players or 25 Squads. If it is a tournament then you will be allotted some slot. The slot can also be called as the team position, like Slot 1 = Team 1, Slot 2 = Team 2 and so on. If you are allotted the Slot 3 then you will have to double tap on the empty space under the Team 3 heading.

Important: It is highly recommended to join only the slot allotted to you and your team. In case you joined the wrong slot then the room admin might kick you out of the room and you will have to join the room again.

Now you have learnt how to join a custom room in PUBG Mobile, you can even create one yourself. Just visit our “How to Create a Custom Room in PUBG Mobile” and you will find a detailed step by step guide to make everything super easy for you!

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