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How to make the Best Team in PUBG Mobile [GUIDE]

Best PUBG Mobile Team, pubg mobile, PUBG Mobile Best Team Guide, pubg mobile roles

PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale game and strategies play an important role in deciding the team’s fate. Everyone on the map is there to win, of course, but not everyone can get their hands on that one chicken dinner that only meant for the winning squad. The team with the best coordination, skills, and assigned roles for each member is very crucial to make things work out in PUBG Mobile. Without a winning strategy, you would end up getting yourself and your teammates killed by other teams that are better than yours. And this cycle continues till the end of the match, when there is that one squad better than any other team on the map, with great coordination, better knowledge of the map, proper and planned rotations, proper communication and all the other very important factors that we are going to discuss in this PUBG Mobile Perfect Squad Guide.

Assign Roles

The first and the most important thing to begin with making your dream PUBG Mobile squad is to have a role for all the members in the squad. Again, this is the most important thing on the list so you should read this carefully. In PUBG Mobile, a squad consists of 4 players and all those 4 players have that one skill that makes them different from the other member in the same squad. Someone is good at Sniping, someone is a great Assaulter, someone makes the good decisions at crucial times and someone is an all-rounder. If a PUBG Mobile team has these roles, predefined, then there are great chances of getting that chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile, in majority number of matches.

Now, let us discuss the roles that can be played by the members of a PUBG Mobile squad according to their interests.


pubg mobile, pubg mobile 0.14.0 update

A leader or an In-Game Leader (IGL) in PUBG Mobile is certainly the most difficult and the most important role. It might sound cheesy to be a leader, but it is more than the title and without a good team leader, the team would not be able to perform well. Without a leader it would be like planes flying in the sky without any air traffic controller, they simply would crash. Similarly, in PUBG Mobile the role of a good leader is to guide the team about the next step, take quick decisions at crucial times, and most importantly, the guide is the stepping stone for the team until the end.

Now, there is a certain circumstance where a leader dies early in the match, and although he/she can guide the team through the voice chat, it does not work as good as having the leader actually present in the match. So, in this scenario, the team gets weak and is not able to perform their best. Now, to tackle this situation you can have no in-game leader, instead, take major decisions while discussing together and then make the next move. This works every time and is quite satisfactory as well. This develops a sense of responsibility in all the members of the squad and they know how to deal with the situation.


Best PUBG Mobile Team, pubg mobile, PUBG Mobile Best Team Guide, pubg mobile roles

Having a good assaulter is the dream of every PUBG Mobile team and without a good assaulter, the team is incomplete. The job of an assaulter is to take close-range fights and defeat the opponents in a 1v1 or NvN scenario. And, to be a good assaulter, not only you need to master every assault rifle in PUBG Mobile, but you must have the skill to defeat n numbers of opponents in the rush scenario even with the likes of a Pistol or SMGs. So, always practice with weapons other than the Assault rifles and master them.


Best PUBG Mobile Team, pubg mobile, PUBG Mobile Best Team Guide, pubg mobile roles

Almost everyone is aware of the role of a sniper. If not then let me tell you that a sniper needs to be that person in the team who knows how to hide, aim, and finish the opponents to the distance his/her scope allows. A sniper must master every single sniper in PUBG Mobile, be it a one-shot kill best like AWM or an agile DMR Sniper like Mini14.

(A Special Note to the ones who one-shot kill enemies using a Kar98k in TDM matches, please understand that in TDM matches the damage of every weapon has been increased and is impractical. So, if after killing opponents using a sniper in TDM with body shots is what makes you call yourself a sniper, then let me open your eyes, it is not that easy. This is pretty different in classic matches and sniping is a skill that needs to be mastered over time, and you are making it worse in TDM).

Also, a sniper must be patient and calm to take that one shot and get a K/O. For starters, try using the least damaging bolt action sniper (Kar98k), and then after you are confident enough, step up and practice with the M24.


pubg mobile 0.15.0 update, pubg mobile new update, pubg mobile gas can explosion

Call it a fragger, a Molotov expert, or whatever you like, but the main objective of a fragger is to take down the enemies when the other 3 members of the squad are having tough times overtake an apartment or an area. Other than that a fragger must know how to get that chicken dinner just by using the throwables, even if he has no other weapon. In times when the positioning of the team is crucial and is surrounded by other teams, in that case firing even a single bullet could lead to your whole team getting killed. In such a scenario, the fragger must know how to silently attack using throwables and clearing the way out for the team.

To be a good fragger, you need to master with every available throwable in PUBG Mobile which are Frag Grenades, Molotov Cockatiel, and the Stun Grenades. Try to pick up and use more throwables then ammo and try to take down maximum enemies with just throwables, whenever possible.


Best PUBG Mobile Team, pubg mobile, PUBG Mobile Best Team Guide, pubg mobile roles

As the name justifies the role. A supporter PUBG Mobile team also plays a crucial role. He or she provides essential support at tough times. And, support can be anything that helps the team at the moment they need it the most. For example, a supporter must be capable of fulfilling the demand of an assaulter by providing him/her the required ammo, meds to the one who has run out of the same, and other necessary things that anyone could need. Apart from that, he or she must know how to defend the team in tough situations as well.

Other PUBG Mobile Roles Worth Mentioning

Apart from these for a prime role in PUBG Mobile, few roles are very underrated and every team needs someone capable of playing these roles effectively. This will increase the chances of getting the chicken dinner to a great extent.


Best PUBG Mobile Team, pubg mobile, PUBG Mobile Best Team Guide, pubg mobile roles

Sounds simple right, it isn’t and not everyone can be a good driver. For instance, a good driver must know how to drive any vehicle available in PUBG Mobile on any derivable surface and not like the one shown in the screenshot above. He or she must know what to do if another squad is chasing the team while shooting at the same time. And, other such scenarios which can get the team killed during rotations in vehicles, and what a good driver could avoid. And yes, a driver could be anyone, be a sniper, assaulter, leader or supporter. But, on a side note, everyone must know this skill.

Parachute Leader

Best PUBG Mobile Team, pubg mobile, PUBG Mobile Best Team Guide, pubg mobile roles

A parachute leader is someone who knows how to get the squad land at the marked place quickly, before any other squad lands there. This is a very important role that nobody talks about and the team often gets killed due to late landing. Thus, a parachute leader can be anyone with better control over the parachute and knows how to land perfectly before anyone else.


Now you know that how important are PUBG Mobile roles to make a team better than the rest and grab that chicken dinner. Although, having roles in PUBG Mobile is one thing and actually making it work is quite challenging at the same time. You need a lot of work to make things work perfectly and also need players that best fit in these roles. The dream to have or be in the best team in PUBG Mobile is not a process that can be achieved overnight, but needs a lot of grinding, coordination and trust.

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