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How to Report a Hacker in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has been a lot of fun to play with friends be it duo or squad, even if you do not have any friends then they have a solo option for you as well. You just land on an island be it Erangel, Miramar, Sahnok or Vikendi and then make your own winning strategy. Some play safe and some rush and kill others or get killed. Different players have different strategies. You kill others, loot, kill, defend, loot and the same thing goes on and on until you get either the Chicken Dinner or a Better Luck Next Time.

This all sounds so simple and straight forward and concludes that the players with the best skills, proper control and greater reflex will stand above the rest and take away the chicken dinner, wait let me introduce you another species known as PUBG Mobile Hackers. For them no strategy work, no skill, no reflex nothing. Play it as safe as you can, they will eventually find you and kill your out of nowhere. Please watch the Video above to see what I’m talking about.

Hackers have no gaming spirit, no ethics and are noobs on steroids. They simply cannot win any match if they would not use the hacks. If talking about hacks, Aimbot, Wall Hack, Speed Hack are some common scripts used by hackers. And No Recoil hack, High Jump Hack, Invisible Hack are some advanced scripts that are not so common but can be implemented in the game. Let us have some more detail about what the particular hack does.

  • Aimbot Aimbot is a script that enables auto aiming on the opponent within a certain distance. While this hack is active, the hacker does not have to point his/her gun at anyone and the bullet automatically gets connected to the opponent and kills them.
  • Wall Hack Wall hack enables the hacker to see through and kill through any kind of wall be it wooden wall, brick wall or metal wall. No wall can protect you from a hacker that is using wall hack.
  • Speed Hack As the name suggest, speed hack is a script that enables the user to run and drive at insanely high speed. The perfect example of speed hack is shown in the video above.
  • No Recoil Hack – This script eliminates the recoil from all the guns be it AKM, MK14 or Groza. Using this hack the bullets from the muzzle follows a straight path instead of the default random spray.
  • High Jump Hack – As seen in the video, using the high jump hack, the hacker can jump thrice the height of the normal jump. In fact, if you look closely in the video you will notice that after the jump the Hacker even gets some damage after falling down from such greater height.
  • Invisible Hack – This hack, as the name suggests, enables the hacker to get completely invisible. After this script is applied no once would be able to see the hacker. The only drawback of this hack is the hacker is invisible but also cannot do anything except for using the basic movements like walk, sprint, crouch, prone and jump.

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Two methods to report a Hacker in PUBG Mobile are as follows:

Method 1: Report a Hacker in PUBG Mobile during the match

As soon as you are killed by a hacker, there will be a screen like the one shown below in the screenshot. From there you need to click on that report button present in the bottom left corner of the screen and choose the name of the hacker that killed you. This is the simplest and fasted method to report a hacker in PUBG Mobile.

pubg mobile hacker, report pubg mobile hacker, pubg hack

After clicking on the Report button, something like this will appear as shown in the screenshot below.

pubg mobile hacker, report pubg mobile hacker, pubg hack

Here you need to check the boxes namely “Cheating”, “Others” and write down how he killed you in the box given below in not more than 80 characters. Keep it short and simple.

Method 2: Report a Hacker in PUBG Mobile after the match

This is another method of reporting hackers and any other player who is either abusing you, team killing, exploiting bugs or anything that is not appropriate. Here you will need either the Hacker/Cheater (1) In-Game Name or (2) Profile ID. Once you have either of the details you need to follow the steps as shown in the screenshots below.

  • Click on the friends icon as shown below.

pubg mobile hacker, report pubg mobile hacker, pubg hack

  • Enter the Hacker’s In game Name or Profile ID in the text box shown below.

pubg mobile hacker, report pubg mobile hacker, pubg hack

  • Once you found that hacker’s profile, go to his statistics and click the report button present in the bottom left corner of the screen.

pubg mobile hacker, report pubg mobile hacker, pubg hack

  • Again check the desired reason for reporting the player and click on the Report button. That’s it!

pubg mobile hacker, report pubg mobile hacker, pubg hack

Reporting hackers plays a crucial role in making PUBG Mobile better for all the legit players like me and you. So please, every time you encounter any cheater or hacker do not forget to Report him. In case of any query you can comment below.

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Hello, I'm the leader of The Golden Pan Clan, PUBG Mobile. Four times reached Conqueror (S3, S6, S7 & S9) in Asia Server (Squad & Duo). I have also participated in the PMIS 2019 in which we stood semifinalists. This blog is just to keep you guys updated with the latest PUBG Mobile news, updates, tips, tricks & other important articles to help you play even better.


  • IneptSoldier

    Cheating is getting out of hand… it is exponentially more than a few months ago. I experience hackers / cheaters in 90% of my games.. there might be in every game that i am not aware of but it is getting unpleasant and an frustrating to play. I will genuinely just write of this game and yes… lose the money i have put into the game but more and more people might feel like me.. .
    Using method two seems to difficult as in game you can not see the Game ID just the name. Sometimes they have special characters in their names and thus make it difficult or next impossible to search the name and report. Is there wildcards we can use to search for such names?
    I have 15 videos recorded made in just a few days of spectating cheaters but don’t find the email address to send it to… Please help.
    Thank you

    • GoldRSYCHE

      Hello IneptSoldier, it is a deplorable truth that the number of cheaters in PUBG Mobile has gone out of control. Everyone is as frustrated as you are due to these cheaters who appear out of nowhere and kill you in every other match. Though, in recent days we have noticed that PUBG Mobile is taking the reports seriously and routinely banning the cheaters every week. The list of which you can find here -> []. Additionally, if you encounter any cheater in game you can:

      (1) Report Him.
      (2) Ask your game friends to report the cheater and,
      (3) Mail the clip (if any) of that cheater using the hacks to PUBG Mobile at [].

      And, regarding the “Special Characters” used in the names of cheaters you can look up the list of Top Global Players on the leaderboard and there you can find those special characters easily, copy that up, make the complete name and send it to your friends for them to report. Also, in case you could not find any character then you can Google “Unicode Characters” and copy the one you need.

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