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How to Stop Your Phone From Overheating While Playing PUBG Mobile

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Smartphone overheating is quite a common and annoying problem nowadays. Whether playing your favorite game, clicking selfies, watching Netflix or using your phone for any other purpose makes it hotter than a molotov cocktail. And, playing a memory intensive Battle Royale game like PUBG Mobile is no exception either.

According to various tests, smartphones can reach as high as 180°F, which is obviously not good for the internal components for your smartphone. Though many modern smartphones are designed in such a way that it can withstand much higher temperatures without exploding in your own hands, of course, that is the worst nightmare. But we cannot completely rely on the internal heat management system of the smartphone and make sure that it should not get exceedingly hot.

Overheating of the smartphones even makes the performance worst and often causes lag in memory intensive games like PUBG Mobile and other applications.

I do play PUBG Mobile and you would not believe, I play it while charging my phone for hours without taking any break. Now you must be wondering how my phone not exploded due to excessive heating. The answer is, I know how to keep it cooler effectively even while charging.

What can you do to avoid smartphone overheating while playing PUBG Mobile?

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The methods that are stated below are proven to keep your smartphone temperature in control and avoid overheating. You can even play PUBG Mobile or do all sorts of multitasking while being connected to a power supply. Moreover, I personally use these methods to keep my smartphone’s temperature in control.

#1 Say No To CRAP

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Never ever use any application to cool down your smartphone. Applications like Cooling Master, Phone Cooler, Cooler Master and all the worthless crappy cooling applications that alleges to cool down your phone are all bogus. These applications just sit in your smartphone, consume your precious memory and RAM and do nothing. Moreover, many such applications have been taken down for being malware’s that steal personal data from your phone. So it is best to avoid any such application that makes such false claims.

#2 One At a Time

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Make sure to close all unnecessary applications that you do not want to use. Applications running in the background consumes your smartphone’s RAM and provides an unnecessary load on your phone. The more applications your phone will run simultaneously, the more processing power will it need and in turn the more hotter it will get. So, always close all the applications before playing PUBG Mobile.

#3 Brightness

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Keep the brightness of your phone fixed to a certain level (40-50% is sufficient). The more the brightness level you will have, the more your device will get warmer, and it is a fact. Now many of you must be wondering, what if I use auto brightness? The answer is better don’t while you are indoors. Using auto brightness consumes more battery as compared to keeping your brightness fixed at a certain level. Because auto brightness relies on the proximity sensor of your smartphone and keeping the auto brightness always on keeps the proximity sensor on as well. And, every single sensor needs a certain amount of power to work. So, it will not only save you some juice but will also keep your device cooler.

#4 Halt the Scanning

pubg mobile, stop phone overheating, stop phone heating

Turn off all unnecessary wireless sensors. Like, if you are playing PUBG Mobile on mobile data then make sure the Wi-Fi is turned off and vice versa. Other than that also turn off your Bluetooth and GPS. Wireless sensors, while active, keep scanning for available networks in the background. This makes your phone internal components hotter as compared to when they are turned off.

#5 Vitamin D is good, but not for your phone!

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Avoid sunlight to directly fall on your smartphone. The internal heat, when combined with the external heat from direct sunlight, can make the heating worse. It might also cause the internal components to malfunction due to overheating. Always try to have a cooling source such as fan, air-conditioner etc. around you while are playing PUBG Mobile. This will not only make you comfortable but at the same time will keep your smartphone’s temperature normal.

#6 Protect, But, Don’t Suffocate

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Me, you and almost everyone use a case or cover for their delicate smartphones, it is normal. What is not normal is the excessive heat that gets trapped inside these protective cases and does not allow the heat to escape. Making the temperature rise to such an extent that is not good for your phone at all. Do not trust me, just check for yourself. Take your smartphone and play a match of PUBG Mobile. After the match, touch the case, normal right. Now take off the case and touch the back of your phone again and you will know exactly what I’m talking about. The case and covers are made up of different materials that work as an insulator and do not let the heat escape. Thus, it is highly advisable to take off the case or cover of your smartphone while playing PUBG Mobile or performing any memory intensive task.


Never ever put your smartphone in a refrigerator in case it becomes too hot. The moisture from inside the refrigerator will enter your smartphone and will damage your internal components, more than the overheating itself. You can simply put your smartphone under a fan or air conditioner until it cools back to normal temprature.


Making sure that the temperature of your smartphone remains normal is quite important. The excessive heating-cooling cycle can severely damage the internal components of your smartphone that can worsen the performance with time. Thus, making sure that your smartphone does not stand excessive heat is something you must care about.

By following the above measures you will not only keep your smartphone’s performance up to the mark, but these steps will increase the life span of your battery as well. Moreover, invest in a protective case that has proper ventilation and allows air to pass through your smartphone’s back panel. If there are any more measures that you think helps in keeping your smartphone cool then let us know in the comment below, and we might mention it here!

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