Join The Golden Pan Clan BGMI | Request Form

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Every Clan has its own set of Eligibility Criteria, Rules & Regulations which are the most important aspect of any clan to function properly, and so does The Golden Pan. We have to assure that everyone gets treated equally and no one is getting more or less. That is why we have certain rules so that we can provide a stable environment for every member in the clan. Note that “Rules are not meant to be broken here,” if in any case anyone tends to break the rules of the Clan then that member will be warned first, and then kicked off the clan if he/she breaks the rules again despite the warning. If you think that you can be a part of this renowned clan and carry its legacy for the day, months, and years to come, then go ahead and fill in the form, otherwise do not waste your time in filling this form and bother us to go through it ending up in a rejection.

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