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PMIS 2020 In-Game Qualifiers Results Date Announced!

PMIS 2020 In-Game Qualifiers Result, PMIS 2020, PUBG Mobile India Series 2020

There is a piece of great news for all the PUBG Mobile India fans and the PMIS 2020 participants. The PMIS 2020 In-Game Qualifiers results are going to be announced soon. We will take about that in a very moment and will take about all the upcoming stages of PMIS 2020.

According to the PUBG Mobile India official Instagram handle, the PMIS 2020 In-Game Qualifiers results will be announced on June, 5th. That is the day after tomorrow the long wait will be over and all the participants will get to know whether they are selected or its a “Better Luck Next Time” for them. The screenshot for the official announcement about PMIS 2020 In-Game Qualifiers results has been attached below, which reads “In-Game Qualifier Results Out 5th June”.

PMIS 2020 In-Game Qualifiers Result, PMIS 2020, PUBG Mobile India Series 2020

What after the PMIS 2020 In-Game Qualifiers Results?

All the 248 teams (squads) who will be qualified for the further rounds will be facing each other in a series of multiple rounds that have been discussed below.

  • 248 Teams along with the 8 invited teams will clash with each other in the Online Qualifiers out of which only the top 56 teams will be qualified for quarter-finals.
  • Now, these 56 teams along with 8 newly invited teams will be competing with each other in a group of 4 across 4 days.
  • From here, the top 32 teams will face each other in the PMIS 2020 Semi-Finals until it boils down to the top 16 teams.
  • Now, these top 16 teams will face each other in the PMIS 2020 Finals.
  • As the situation of Coronavirus in India is getting worse, there is still no confirmation whether the semi-finals and the finals will be organized as a LAN event or purely online.

PMIS 2020 Details

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If you are new to PUBG Mobile and are not aware of what the PMIS is then do not worry and read further. The PMIS or the PUBG Mobile India Series is the largest eSports Tournament in India. The series is held every year and PMIS 2020 is the second such tournament to be held. Last year, PMIS 1 was held in which the Team Soul won the trophy along with all other rewards. Registering in this tournament is free and anyone who is a resident and is 17 years or above can register themselves in the tournament. Although, this is not a solo or duo tournament, and requires a team of 4 players.

Currently, the PMIS 2020 is running and if you feel that you too can compete with other teams in the tournament then start practicing from today. PMIS is organized every year, so you can register your team for the upcoming PMIS 3 which will take place in the mid of 2023.

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