PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 Update Bug Fix & Improvements

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So far almost everyone has updated to 0.12.0 and those who have not updated yet, update now by clicking HERE. This was quite a large update of 400 MB+ and added many new features that we already discussed about in our earlier article “Details about PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 Update“.

In this article we will only focus about the bug fixes and improvements that PUBG Mobile from all over the world were complaining about. We somehow managed to gather almost every minor bug fix and improvements and listed it down below. You can check in this, if the bug that has been bothering you has been fixed or not. If not, then you can comment down below so that we can let Tencent know about the same.

List of Bug Fix, Improvements & Minor New Additions

  • The heinous door opening bug has been fixed.
  • Enhanced animation for opening and closing doors.
  • You will now be able to complete your daily missions in Survive Till Dawn mode.
  • You can now carry your other outfit in the match and swap them while in the battleground, earlier was only possible in spawn island.
  • The Dynamic weather will now appear in lesser number of matches.
  • In Vikendi, more lootable buildings has been added in Dino Park, Coal Mines and Goroka.
  • The top 10 teams in the crew challenge will now be awarded with unique outfits.
  • No more emulator players in the mobile players lobby due to the enhancement of Emulator Detection System.
  • Friend invitation now has additional information about the map and the pings.
  • Quick chat settings are moved to inventory section along with the option to choose between wheel or default mode.
  • Shadow effect can now be eliminated in graphic settings to reduce batter consumption and RAM usage.
  • Now you will get a remainder about dismantling duplicate items for silver fragments.
  • The Leopard Mask (cloth bandana) has now ended, the first purchase reward will be updated soon.
  • The audio with the Mythic Outfit emote will now be heard by more players.
  • Now you will get more realistic feel while reloading your gun due to the new animation that shows the dropping of empty magazines.
  • The animation for throwing grenades while prone has been enhanced.
  • Season 6 outfit footwear glitch has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug where players may get stuck in certain areas.
  • Now you can stun zombies with Stun Grenades.
  • New Cross-hair color options has been added to TPP/FPP, Red Dot Sight, Holographic Sight, 2X Scope and 3X Scope.
  • Superstar, Best companion, winning culture, Until Dawn, Adventurer and A step too far has been added to Achievements.
  • The Event mode has now been replaced with Evo Mode, Evo Level has been added to profile.

These are the improvements and additions that has been included in the 0.12.0. Many critical bugs has been fixed and many are yet to be patched. Until then, let us know what are the bugs that you are facing after the PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 Update and we will take a consideration of the same and report it to Tencent.



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