PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 Update | What’s Coming

Many of you would be well aware about the new 0.12.0 beta update that has been rolled out for PUBG Mobile recently, adding new items, guns, modes and all other things that we will be describing here in this post, that all of you might get on your devices with the stable release very soon.

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Here is a list of all new all new additions that will soon be made available in PUBG Mobile Global:

  • Two New Weapons

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So if you love the new Event Mode also known as the Zombie Mobile, then this news is for you. Two new weapons are soon going to be added into Zombie Mode namely RPG-7 and Explosive Crossbow. The RPG-7 is a hand held rocket launcher also known as bazooka, that will be helpful in dealing a large amount damage to a large group of zombies during the 2nd or 3rd wave. Another new weapon will be an explosive crossbow, bolt of which will explode upon hitting the target and damaging them. Not just zombies or players! this crossbow bolt will even damage vehicles and break the glitchy doors.

  • All New Crosshair/Aim Colours

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The crosshair plays an important role in aiming and killing anyone if you do not have enough time to open scope. Many times in very close range combats a vibrant crosshair is vital and helps in aiming perfectly. Soon there will be an option to alter the crosshair color according to the needs, device display and your own personal choice. A total of 9 crosshair colors will be made available for no-scope cosshair and an option to choose between red or green for the iron sights ( Red dot, Holographic) and other longer range scopes.

  • Friendly Spectate

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This is one of the best and most awaited feature that was rumored to be coming in the 0.11 update but due to certain reasons and bugs this was not added earlier. Now once again it’s making rounds that the friendly spectating feature will be coming to the 0.12.0 update of the PUBG Mobile that will let anyone spectate their friends in real time even not being in their team. This will be a really fun feature to enter any of your friends matches whenever you want and spectate them what they are doing and how they are playing inside the match. There will be a small (Number of spectators) corner that will let you know how many of your friends are spectating you.

  • Male Quick Chat Voices

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Many of you who wanted a masculine or manly voice in the quick chat to guide your team without speaking on your own will now be delighted to know that with the new update there will be addition of male quick chat voices. Not only that, now there will be a voice wheel similar to the emotes wheel with up to eight quick chat commands that will make the quick chat more accessible and faster to use.

  • Your own virtual Pet

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Many of the pet lovers out there, who ever dreamt of having a pet in real life but couldn’t due to any reason will now be glad to know that PUBG mobile will be adding a companion as seen in the picture above, basically an eagle that will sit on your shoulder and won’t let you feel lonely. This companion will have no affect on the game play, neither it will help you during the fights, but just another useless feature that will help tencent to make few bucks by providing you different types, colors of companions for a certain price.

  • Zombie Adventure Mode

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This is an all new mode that will be added under the event mode same as the current zombie mode. As it clearly written “Collect supplies during the day and fend off zombies at night. Survive until the rescue arrives to win!”. So basically, by reading the description we get a basic idea of what this new mode will be all about. You will have to collect the supplies during the day and will have to fight the zombies at night, until the rescue arrives, now here it is not clear what type of rescue are they talking about.

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