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PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Update Details, Infection Mode, Character System, New Rewards and More!

pubg mobile, pubg mobile 0.14.0 update

Not long ago PUBG Mobile Season 8 was released bringing lots of new stuff, improvements and other rewards. Now, after a couple of weeks the release of 0.13.0 Update, PUBG Mobile is all set to release the all-new and exciting Infection Mode with the new 0.14.0 Update. Apart from the PUBG Mobile Infection Mode other new features have been seen in the latest 0.14.0 Beta Version of PUBG Mobile. We will be explaining about the all-new upcoming Infection mode along with other new features that will be released globally with the PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Update. The update will be made available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. For Android users, the update size is around 1.95GB and for iOS users it is be 2.55GB. Players who will update the game before August 23 will get a parachute trail along with 2,000 BP as rewards.

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Update New Features and Improvements

  • PUBG Mobile Infection Mode

pubg mobile, pubg mobile 0.14.0 update, pubg mobile infection mode

Ever wanted to play as a Zombie in PUBG Mobile? Now it is soon going to be possible after the PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Update. The new Infection Mode will be added to Evo Grounds. In the Infection Mode, all the players will be divided randomly into two groups, The Zombies and The Defenders.

pubg mobile, pubg mobile 0.14.0 update

The Defenders will be the uninfected players who will be capable of using firearms to kill the zombies. Whereas, opposite to the defenders, the Zombies will have various abilities and would not be able to use any firearms. The basic idea behind the whole infection mode is quite simple and sounds like a scene from a classic apocalyptic movie. If the Zombie players knock any defender out then the defender will end up turning into a zombie.

If all the defenders get converted into zombies then the zombie team will win, but if any defender can survive for the whole match, that is for 15 minutes then the defenders will win. All the infection mode matches will be played on the new Last Harbor map. The Infection Mode sounds quite fun and would sure add some punch to the game. What is even more exciting is that you can even play the Infection mode in custom rooms as well.

  • Revamped User Interface and Settings

pubg mobile, pubg mobile 0.14.0 update, pubg mobile new ui

PUBG Mobile has been customizing the user interface of the game with almost every update in order to make the game more user friendly. 0.14.0 Update is no different. As soon as you will update the game you will notice the new home screen and adjustments in settings and modes selection menu. Now you can easily control what map to play, what map to download and other minor tweaks for a better overall experience.

  • PUBG Mobile Resource Extension Pack

pubg mobile, pubg mobile 0.14.0 update, pubg mobile android

One major feature that the 0.14.0 Update will bring is the PUBG Mobile Resource Extension Pack for Android. With this, the complete download size of the PUBG Mobile has been reduced. The user will now have the choice of what he needs and what he does not. Thus, Tencent has made the extension packs to make the game smoother and lag-free. One will have the option to download the extension packs that will contain rarely used equipment and other resources. These extra resources will be displayed with a placeholder icon on the home screen and will disappear when the extension pack will be downloaded.

  • PUBG Mobile Character System

pubg mobile, pubg mobile 0.14.0 update, PUBG Mobile new character

A new character named “Victor” is coming in the 0.14.0 update. Anyone who updates to the latest version of PUBG Mobile can collect the new character from the Character under Workshop. The new characters will have special abilities which make them better or worse than opponent’s character. Though, Victor will possess a special ability that will reduce the reloading time for SMG in EvoGround, without affecting the classic mode. The new character can be leveled up, level 10 being the highest level with rewards on each level reached. With all new outfits, emotes and voices the new character system will sure be a lot of fun.

  • Global Treasure Hunt

PUBG Mobile Treasure Hunt, pubg mobile 0.14.0 update

Now collect Gold, Silver and Bronze compasses in between match to exchange them for rewards. Also, there will be a Global Treasure Hunt, divided into 4 stages, played on different maps. There are a total of 7 levels for each stage and 2 mission for each level. That means there will be a total of 56 missions that will grant a final reward upon completion. Players who will be able to complete any mission will be eligible to participate in the Lucky Draw to win the PMCO Travel Fund. Please note that there will only be 10 winners for each stage.

  • Improved Visual Effects and Daily Missions

pubg mobile season 8 interface

The complete user interface for the daily mission has been redesigned. Apart from that, the number of daily missions has been reduced and the rewards have been adjusted. Now the daily missions will be released randomly with the option to change it in case one finds it difficult to accomplish. Players will be able to replace any daily mission with any other random mission thrice a day.

The item display space has been increased along with the inclusion of a better and practical emotes editing system. The zoom-in feature has also been added to the UI that will now allow you to zoom in on any player outfits, mask, glasses, and other wearable to have a closer and detailed look.

  • New Achievements and Rewards

pubg mobile, pubg mobile 0.14.0 update, pubg mobile rewards

All new achievements along with the achievement expansion is coming with the PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Update. The Achievement Expansion will add more stages to the currently available achievements. Some of the achievements that will be expanded are Fun Times V, Class Lover V, Shotgun Mastery V and more. Also, more rewards have been added that will be unlocked after completing a certain achievement.

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

pubg mobile, pubg mobile 0.14.0 update, pubg mobile new update

  • Performance and compatibility of PUBG Mobile with more number of devices has been improved.
  • Reduction in power consumption while playing PUBG Mobile on some iOS devices making them last a little bit longer with charging.
  • Driving vehicle has been made smoother with improved animations.
  • Improvements in Classic Mode to make it run smoother on some low-end devices. Along with faster pickup, equipping and opening/closing of backpack.
  • System UI is now more user friendly and easier to navigate. Shop area has undergone a major overhaul with new background, lighting effects, better camera angle and better highlights for more depths and texture.
  • Armory visuals have been greatly improved to have a better look at your favorite weapon from all angles. Also, more detailing has been done to the weapons to make them look heavier and more realistic.
  • Friend list as well as online friends interface has been improved with more options while viewing friend’s profile or inviting someone to join your team.
  • Fixed bugs related to climbing and jumping walls.
  • Fixed the bug when many times players got stuck in buildings.
  • Fixed the bug where zombies got stuck in walls in survival mode.
  • Fixed the bug where backpack models  (Lvl.1/2/3) displayed incorrectly in the main menu.
  • Fixed bug where players were not able to update their Avatars using their linked social accounts.
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