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PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0 and Walking Dead Collaboration Coming Soon!

pubg mobile eragel 2.0 map

A couple of weeks ago when the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Finals were going on in Berlin, PUBG Mobile’s Executive Producer TS Jang showcased the upcoming Erangel 2.0 in PUBG Mobile. The same has already been released for PUBG PC months ago. The new Erangel 2.0 is going to be even better with more contrast, improved graphics, sharpness along with much vibrant colors that will provide a more realistic feel while playing.

If you have been playing PUBG Mobile from the start you must be knowing that Erangel is the oldest map in game and the game itself was launched with Erangel only, with no other maps. Now it has been a complete one year after the launch of PUBG Mobile and now Erangel 2.0 is the next big thing that might be coming with the next update.

PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0 Changes

pubg mobile erangel 2.0

Following are the changes that we might see in the new Erangel 2.0 compared to the older Erangel map:

  • Better Graphics, More Contrast, Sharpness and more Rational Colors to provide a more realistic feel to the game.
  • Various objects have been added to the areas that were bare of cover. For example, the beaches have now various objects added provide some cover to the players.
  • All the buildings and cities have been updated with better textures and more detailing have been done to the interior as well as the exteriors.
  • Different buildings have been added  in places like Military Base, Mylta and Prison. Also, the island near Kameshki might be moved near Yasnaya Polyana.

PUBG Mobile x The Walking Dead

pubg mobile x walking dead collaboration

PUBG Mobile also confirmed that they might collaborate with The Walking Dead, one the popular American TV Series. As we know a new Zombie Mode namely the “Infection Mode” is coming with the 0.14.0 Update in which players will be able to play as zombies and infect other players to turn them into Zombies as well. This adds more weight to the collaboration with The Walking Dead. The collaboration will also bring The Walking Dead based outfits, weapon finishes and more.

Addition of a New Server

pubg mobile africa server

PUBG Mobile currently has 6 different servers based in different regions that include Asia, Europe, North America, South America, KRJP and the Middle East. Having a dedicated server for a particular region makes the game more playable and provides stability in the network. If a player from Asia will play on any other server then he/she experiences a much higher ping making the game unplayable.

Now, as PUBG Mobile is gaining a higher number of users from Africa, they are adding a dedicated African Server. This will not only provide a better PUBG Mobile experience to the African players but will also attract more users from the African Region.


The next couple of updates will be crucial for the PUBG Mobile players. Erangel 2.0, Collaboration with The Walking Dead and the addition of a new server are all set to make there way to the game sooner or later.

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