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PUBG Mobile Hack – Wall Hack, Aimbot, Speed Hack and More! Why You Should Avoid Using Hacks at Any Cost

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PUBG Mobile is no doubt loved by everyone and can easily be considered as the most popular Battle Royale Game on the Mobile Platform. Everyone fights for the win, some win by using their GOD Level Skills, and some use cheats that are often known as PUBG Mobile Hack. The term PUBG Mobile Hack is mainly referred to as the scripts that are injected in the game to mod the game according to your needs. In other words, many developers write scripts that trigger various commands which provide the user with almost Superman-like powers in PUBG Mobile.

Though, Superman is not a cheater but a good guy who helps others. Players who use these scripts are termed Hackers or Cheaters and are almost impossible to defeat due to all the powers they have. By powers I mean to say all the commands that they can execute in the game and do whatever they want. For instance, a PUBG Mobile Hack user can kill you from miles away with a perfect headshot, no matter whatever cover you are hiding in and whatever level helmet you have equipped. They will find you and will kill you, where ever on the map you are.

In this article, I have tried to explain all the possible ways players cheat in PUBG Mobile along with their consequences and why you should never think about using PUBG Mobile Hack if you love the game.

PUBG Mobile Hack List & How do they Work (Watch Video)

All the possible and most commonly used PUBG Mobile Hacks have been stated below along with a proper explanation for each and can also be seen in the game play clip attached above.

PUBG Mobile Wallhack

If you have been playing PUBG Mobile for a while then you must have heard about the term “Wall Hack”. It is one of the most common types of hack that a PUBG Mobile Player can achieve which enables the player to see through the walls. And not only that, in rare cases the players can even kill you through the walls using the wallhack script in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Aimbot Hack

The Aimbot, as the name suggests, helps in perfectly aiming at the opponents. If a player is using aimbot hack, then that player can easily kill you with a headshot from miles away. Aimbot helps in long-range as well as close combat fights. A player using an aimbot hack is nearly impossible to defeat. Though, they still can be killed if you already spotted them and killed them without them knowing your exact location. But again, they could be using the location hack along with the aimbot hack which would make it impossible for you to kill them.

PUBG Mobile Location/ESP Hack

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This script once executed, is capable of showing the exact location of the players on the map. There are two types of location hack. The first one enables the player using the hack to see the exact location of all the loot (Vest, Helmets, Guns, Meds, etc.) available on the map, also known as the Radar Hack. Though radar hack is more common in the PUBG PC, PUBG Mobile players have also been caught using the same.

The other type of location hack is known as ESP Hack that many PUBG Mobile Players use which enables them to locate the nearby players on the map and also displays the names of the nearby players. This makes it very easy for these PUBG Mobile Hackers to execute the nearby enemies.

PUBG Mobile Speed Hack

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The speed hack in PUBG Mobile, when active, makes the vehicle of the script user insanely fast. This hacks breaks all the speed barriers of the vehicles and can go as fast as the driver wants to. It gets so fast that it gets out of control and the driver has to slow it down intentionally to gain control.

PUBG Mobile High Jump Hack

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High jump hack is very common and is used by every other cheater to dodge the enemy bullets and climb higher buildings without taking the stairs. This makes the cheater jump so high that the fall damages the cheater after falling on the ground.

PUBG Mobile Flying/Floating Vehicle Hack

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Not many of you would have witnessed the flying vehicles in PUBG Mobile. Yes, it is possible, but is very uncommon and is rarely seen. These scripts are so powerful that it makes the vehicle floating in the air as well as makes any land vehicle derivable on the water. In simple words, anyone who uses this hack can turn their vehicle into an airplane and a boat at the same time.

PUBG Mobile Underwater Hack

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Similar to the above hack, this hack enables any vehicle to go underwater like a submarine. Using this cheat, the hacker can get inside the water and perform anything from there (such as shooting, healing). Also, this hack lets the cheater breathe underwater without the need to get out. He can stay underwater as long as he/she wants and keep killing others from there. The same cheating action can be seen in the clip uploaded above. If you download PUBG Mobile Hack then you might face the consequences discussed below.

The Outcomes of Using PUBG Mobile Hack

Okay, you read about every single PUBG Mobile Hack we have stated above and might be surrounded by multiple thoughts such as, “How to Hack PUBG Mobile”, you might even search Download PUBG Mobile Hack and similar thoughts related to PUBG Mobile Hacking.

But, before proceeding and letting these thoughts take over your mind, stop and please READ. PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale Game in which 100 people land on a map and compete with each other using their gaming skills. The one with the best skills and a little bit of luck gets the Chicken Dinner.

Now, let’s assume you are successfully able to get PUBG Mobile Hack/Cheats and get them to work. You would enjoy the superpowers and be the winner every time, every single time unless your account will be BANNED for 10 long years. Okay, you do not care and will create a new account and continue to use cheats in the game.

What is happening here is you might reach the top on the server you play in and even get your friends to the top with you but in reality, you are not cheating the game, but Cheating yourself.

Now imagine there are competitive matches, in which using cheats and hacks are not allowed and are instantly detectable, at that moment you will be left with no option but to play on your own without any hack only relying on your SKILLS. And, as you have been using hacks and cheats to win matches, you will have “ZERO” Skills and will never succeed in the big stage competitive matches.

So, it is a piece of friendly advice to all the players who are using or planning to use PUBG Mobile Hack, please develop your skills and be better. Using these hacks and scripts will take you nowhere, but will get your account banned permanently.

PUBG Mobile Fair Play and Weekly Ban List

Earlier players who have been using PUBG Mobile Hack were not getting banned and have been using the hacks without any fear of getting their accounts suspended. But recently, PUBG Mobile has made it clear that it could do anything to provide an enjoyable and fair environment to all the legit players by monitoring and banning the Cheaters weekly.

They stated that “We have always strived to deliver a gaming environment that is fair and enjoyable for every player and prevent cheating. We take this issue very seriously; as such, each account in violation has received a 10-year ban. We would like to remind all players about the importance of fair play, and thank you for keeping PUBG MOBILE fair and fun.”

Anyone can check the PUBG Mobile Weekly List of all the banned players by clicking HERE. Once you get killed by a cheater in the game, you simply need to report Him/Her and take the screenshot of their Name/Character ID (any) and wait for a week. Also, if you want to know how you can report a hacker in PUBG Mobile then you can follow this simple guide in which we have provided two different and simple ways to report a cheater in PUBG Mobile “How to Report a Hacker in PUBG Mobile”.

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Rishi a.k.a GoldRSYCHE, multi-season Conqueror starting Season 2, also PMIS Semifinalist, is the leader and founder of The Golden Pan Clan in PUBG Mobile. He is also an avid writer and loves to write about his favorite game that is indeed PUBG Mobile. He will keep you updated about latest happenings in PUBG Mobile, along with all the useful Tips, Tricks, and Updates about the game.

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