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PUBG Mobile India Launch – New Teaser Video “PUBG Mobile India Coming Soon” Leaked on YouTube!

This morning was not an ordinary one for the PUBG Mobile India fans, as the people who have subscribed to the PUBG Mobile India’s Official YouTube Channel, including me, received a notification stating, “All new PUBG Mobile Coming to India,” with a “PUBG Mobile India Coming Soon” poster in the whole video that was a few seconds long that is attached above. But, the leaked teaser was deleted minutes after it started to went viral. This might be a clear sign that PUBG Mobile India Launch could be happening very soon, and all the PUBG Mobile fans in India will once again be enjoying PUBG Mobile officially, like the rest of the world.

PUBG Mobile India Launch – What Could This Mean?

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If you are living in India, or maybe any part of the world, you must be aware of the banning of more than 200 applications, and games from the Play Store, and Apple App Store by the Indian Government, on the allegations of private data leak of the Indian users. Unfortunately, PUBG Mobile was among those 200 plus banned applications, and since then the game was inaccessible for Indian users. Shortly after the ban, the game was removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, including the lighter version of the game, which is PUBG Mobile Lite.

Now, the new PUBG Mobile India Launch teaser video has gotten the hopes high for the PUBG Mobile India fans, and if the launch of PUBG Mobile India will happen anytime soon, then this will mean that Indian PUBG Mobile players will once again be able to play PUBG Mobile without VPN and install or update the game directly from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The re-launch of the game in India will also possibly bring back the PUBG Mobile Lite and everyone will be able to install and play the lighter version of the game as well.

KRAFTON is Working Hard to make PUBG Mobile India Launch Happen

KRAFTON, which is the parent company of PUBG Mobile, has been dropping quite a several hints regarding the PUBG Mobile India Launch. And now, after the PUBG Mobile India Coming Soon leaked teaser, it makes the possibilities of the launch even higher. Recently, the company recruited a few Indians for some substantial posts in the company in India and also donated a huge sum of money for the COVID-19 relief in India. This clearly shows that KRAFTON is actively working for the Indian Government, and also to meet the criteria and demands to make the PUBG Mobile India Launch happen as soon as possible.


All these hints and teasers only mean one thing, that the PUBG Mobile India Launch is going to happen very soon, and we might witness the Official Launch of PUBG Mobile in India in the coming days. With the official launch of PUBG Mobile in India, not only all the players will be able to play the game officially, and install/update it from Play Store, but also the players will be able to get better support regarding any issues they might have. Until then, we can only do one thing, and that is waiting a little more, stay safe, and enjoy life.

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