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PUBG Mobile is now “Game for Peace” in China

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PUBG Mobile has recently been facing ban in several countries, you can find out which countries banned PUBG Mobile from HERE. China was among those countries which imposed a nationwide permanent ban on the game. That means, no one will be able to play PUBG Mobile in the country. The reason for the ban in China was the ostentation of “Blood and Gore” as stated by China’s Online Gaming Ethics Review Committee last year.

Before the ban, China was among the top countries with most active users for Tencent Games last year. According to the reports of Data Consultancy Firm Analysis, China had over 115 Million monthly active users. Now that Chinese Authorities have permanently banned the game. Leaving no other option for Tencent, but to completely revamp the title of PUBG Mobile. Developers came up with an idea to morsel the “PUBG Mobile” title and replaced it with “Heping Jingying” or Game for Peace.

PUBG Mobile players in China who logged in last night got a “Server Maintenance” notice and also an Update notice afterwards. After few hours the Server Maintenance notice was replaced with an Announcement stating the release of Open Beta for the “Game for Peace”. The new title has been kept secret until the State Administration of Press and Publication (SAPP) of China gave the approval for the same last month.

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People who have PUBG Mobile on their phones will be able to update the game directly from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, starting 8 May after 15:00 or 3:00 PM. After the update users will see the completely revamped logo and UI with the new title “Game for Peace” instead of PUBG Mobile. All the user data, UC (Unknown Cash) Battle Points and everything else will be transferred to the new game account.

The Game for Peace is portrayed as a Military Training Skills and competition game. Focused primarily and only on Chinese Military and Air Force. In fact, the game loading screen displays a Recruitment Notice for the Chinese Air Force and a tribute to the Chinese provincial protection force.

PUBG Mobile is hugely popular across the globe making it one of the top grossing games ever. It generated a total revenue of $65 million worldwide in the month of March this year. Though the disapproval for monetization from SAPP, it could not earn anything from China which became the reason for the dissolution of PUBG Mobile and the rise of “Game for Peace”.

For Tencent, Launching the Game for Peace had became an exigency because the PUBG Mobile was never been approved by the Chinese Authorities and the later could not profit the company. According to a Chinese Analyst Liao Xuhua, the new title will surely be a hit among the Chinese players in no time and will top both the Apple’s app store as well as the Google Play Store.

How the Game for Peace differs from PUBG Mobile?

The question that many of you might be asking yourself. Recently on Weibo, a popular Chinese micro blogging website, people are writing their experience about the new game and stating that the game completely resembles PUBG Mobile, nothing has changed and they are feeling like playing the sequel for PUBG Mobile with just a revamped loading screen. Other user even stated that when you shoot anyone, no blood is seen and instead of dying the opponent gets up and waves a goodbye, sounds extremely funny. LOL


Everything is clear and nothing is left to be concluded. It is basically a simple math. China is a large country and no company would want to get their highest grossing and hugely popular game to be banned in a country like it. Changing the name of PUBG Mobile to “Game for Peace” might sound funny but, in reality is a brilliant and beneficial step for Tencent Games and for the future of the company.

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