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After every match ends in PUBG Mobile, you are honored with various titles based on your performance in that particular match. Those titles are basically called medals in PUBG Mobile and a player gets these titles depending upon various factors. From running few miles to killing someone far away has their own medals that is collectively given to the player. So here we have listed all the PUBG Mobile medals and how you can get those.

  • Marathon Man

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Many times you cannot find any vehicle and the blue zone is coming for your life, in such critical situation you have no other option, and you just keep on running until you are inside the safe zone. Sometimes the distance exceeds 1000 meters and that gets you the Marathon Man medal.

  • Suicide Squad

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This title sounds familiar, isn’t it? Let me clear that this has nothing to do with the 2016 Hollywood movie “Suicide Squad“, but a player is honored (kind of) with this medal if they blow themselves up with a grenade, burn themselves up with a Molotov cocktail or die by falling off from a high location, intentionally or due to any reason. In other words, one gets this medal if they kill themselves, suicide sort of.

  • Armor Expert

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This medal is given to the players who finds full level 3 gear in the match (Lv. 3 The Spetsnaz Helmet) and ( Lv. 3 The Military Vest). Even if that level 3 gear gets damaged during fights and you have to get a new lv.2 helmet in the same match, still you will be honored with the Armor Expert Medal.

  • Too Soon

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Many of you loves to land in Pochinki, Georgopol or Novorep (many of you) please note my point. So, when you land at these hot spots you find many other players just trying to find a weapon so that they can kill others and protect themselves. Few get a weapon and many get noting and are unfortunately gets killed by others. All this happens in a hurry, many times under just a couple of minutes. Those unlucky players who gets killed under those 3 minutes are honored with the Too Soon medal.

  • Curator

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So, let’s continue our story, you survived landing in georgopol and killed every single enemy, now all georgopol belongs to you. You will loot and loot and loot and loot forever until and unless your level 3 backpack can not be stuffed more. In such a situation just for filling your backpack up to the brim, you are honored with the Curator medal.

  • Medic

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Medic is given to the ones who restore 200+ health in that particular match. Now one’s HP or health can be reduced by taking damage from the blue zone, enemies or friendly fire, the reason might be anything. After your HP is low you apply Bandages, first aid, take painkillers or energy drinks. By doing that you get points depending upon the healing stuff you are using. If you use a Medikit you get the most points, after that Adrenalin, first aid, painkiller, energy drink followed by bandage.

  • Helpless

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So the safe zone is small and you do not have any hard cover to hide from the enemies, somehow you get spotted and they knock you down, your teammate somehow manages to revive you but again the enemy knocks you down. This knock down and revive game is quite frustrating if you do not have a hard cover. So, if your teammate revives you 3 or more times in a match, then you will be honored with the title Helpless. Now this does not mean that intentionally you keep getting knocked and getting revived, which puts a lot of pressure on the team.

  • Lifesaver

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Similar to the earlier medal, this medal is given to the one reviving the knocked out player multiple times, 3 to be more specific. If due to any reason any of your teammate is getting knocked multiple times and you are the one who is doing the good, then PUBG Mobile gives your the honorable Lifesaver medal. It is not necessary that you have to revive a specific teammate 3 times, it could be any of your teammate, only the number of revives matters.

  • Headhunter

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As the title suggests, this medal is given to those players who kill their enemies by a head shot. For this you can use any weapon from a melee weapon such as a Pan to a lethal one shot kill sniper like AWM. After you get 2 or more enemies by head shot you will get this Headhunter medal.

  • Prone to Prone

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You will know that you are snaking much often when PUBG honors you with this medal. Prone to Prone is given to the ones who kill other while being prone. This happens much often when the circle is smaller and the number of players alive are considerably more. In such situation you are left with no other option, but to get prone and it’s totally fine to go prone in the final couple of circles.

  • Nugget Dinner

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A nugget is a smaller version of a full chicken dinner and PUBG Mobile is fair enough in this case. Players who win the match with less than 5 kills get the Nugget Dinner medal along with the Chicken Dinner. This is basically a remainder that you need to get more kills, which is not a big deal. Because, more kills does not gets you chicken dinner, but killing at the right time and the right enemies to protect yourself does.

  • Chicken Master

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Completely opposite to our earlier medal, the Chicken Master is given to those who win the match by killing 5 or more enemies. Aggressive and rush players get this medal much often. Chicken Master is quite a honor that you have killed more than 5 enemies and won the match without dying. And it reminds you how good your game play is!

  • Gunslinger

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There comes chicken masters, then there comes Gunslinger who are even more aggressive and roam the whole map to find the campers and kill them. This is quite a great honor to have this medal in every match because getting 7 or more kills is not as easy as it looks in higher tiers (Ace or above). So if you are in Ace tier and getting a gunslinger medal in every match, you are a PRO.

  • Terminator

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Terminator is the most important and the kill for the win. The one who kills the last enemy for the win gets honored with the Terminator medal and getting this multiple times will even get you ranked at some position in your region (eg. India). After you get ranked in your region, you will get a unique title that will be displayed above your name in the name and it will be like “#14 Terminator” the rank will depend upon your number of final kills and is subject to change.

These are all the important and most common medals that a player gets much often in the global version of the game. There are many more medals that one can get in the Chinese/Korean version of PUBG Mobile so we have not listed those here, to eliminate the confusion. If you think we are missing any other important medal that one can get in the global version then you sure can comment below.

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