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PUBG Mobile New “Safety Observation Period” to Counter Hackers

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PUBG Mobile has been ruling the Battle Royale niche on the mobile platform since it was released back in 2018. Things were going pretty well, until a couple of seasons later the PUBG Mobile Hackers or better term “Cheaters” started ruining the game for many. At the earlier stages when PUBG Mobile was new, there were not many anti-cheat features present to stop the cheaters from using PUBG Mobile Hacks. That made the number of hackers go up gradually and it continued increasing to date. This resulted in an explosion of hackers and ruining the gameplay for almost every player. There are plenty of PUBG Mobile Hacks that simply give God Like powers to the cheaters. Even after countless reports, some hackers are still not banned and are ruining the game for every legit player out there. But, just recently PUBG Mobile has announced a new feature to stop PUBG Mobile Hackers which is known as “Safety Observation Period”, and that is what we are going to talk about in this article.

What is PUBG Mobile Safety Observation Period?

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Due to the increasing number of cheaters using various types of PUBG Mobile Hacks, and not getting banned, PUBG Mobile has introduced a new feature known as the Safety Observation Period. The name is very specific, and many of you would have already guess what this feature is all about. If not then do not worry, we have explained it for you.

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Any PUBG Mobile Cheater, who is either using any type of PUBG Mobile Hacks, scripts, or exploiting bugs, would automatically get caught by the newly developed and strict anti-cheat system. Now, after getting caught, the cheater would be kept under observation for some duration, which is known as the Safety Observation Period. Now, we are not yet confirmed that what is the duration of that safety observation period so we cannot make any claims here. But, it could be anywhere between 3 days to a week or even more.

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Whats Happens to a Player Under Safety Observation Period?

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Now, if a player gets caught by the anti-cheat system, he would be notified about the same in the game, and then he/she would not be able to play the game normally. The following restriction would be imposed on a player who is under the Safety Observation Period.

  • The stats of their matches such as the number of Kills, Chicken Dinners, and every other stats would not be recorded.
  • They would not be able to team up with other players or spectate any matches.
  • They will only be allowed to play limited game modes (most probable only the arcade modes) and might be banned from playing the regular classics.

All these above restrictions would be imposed on the player until the Safety Observation Period ends. If during this period, the player gets caught using any type of PUBG Mobile Hacks, scrips, or anything illegal which violates the End-User License Agreement of PUBG Mobile, would be BANNED PERMANENTLY. And, those who would play normally will not affect their account after this observation period would end.

Does this makes any Sense?

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The concept of this anti-cheat measure seems hollow if looked closely upon, and many questions come in mind about the same. What if the cheater who is caught using PUBG Mobile Hacks, simply plays normally as long as he/she is under the Safety Observation Period and then after getting out of it stats to use the hacks again? And, why is the need for this in the first place either? If a player is caught by the anti-cheat system for using hacks, plugins, or anything which violates the end-user license of the game then why not simply ban them straight. A similar question might be building up in your mind as well, but we cannot do anything and simply let what is happening, and what would happen in the future.


PUBG Mobile has been changed a lot since Season 1, not that they have improved the gaming experience for players, but in terms of the useless skins, outfits, and other stuff that means nothing if you are getting killed by cheaters in every other match. I strongly feel that the developers should skip a season’s Royale Pass and instead focus on providing a better and fair environment for all the PUBG Mobile enthusiasts like you and me who have been with the game since the very beginning and have not moved to any other game, the only reason is because we still are waiting for the day when PUBG Mobile would be free from every single hacker.

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