PUBG Mobile Surprise Easter Egg

With the 0.12.0 Update PUBG Mobile also came up with the Easter Eggs that anyone can find while in match that can later be exchanged for battle points/BP Coins. Many of you must have found the pink Easter egg or also called the Vibrant Egg in game shown in the screenshot below. pubg, pubg mobile, pubg easter egg

The Vibrant egg has no specific location and could be found anywhere in the whole map. Talking about Erangel, I have found many vibrant eggs on different locations. According to my experience so far, I have noticed that the farthest locations have a higher spawn rate of these vibrant eggs. If you are specially hunting for the vibrant eggs then I would suggest to search in locations such as Zharki, Kameshki and the on-way compounds, Stalber, Lipovka, Ruins, Prison and other locations where you would not usually go in the regular classic matches. Try searching everywhere from small shacks to squad houses, church, 3 story buildings and their roof tops and you will surely find one vibrant egg in every match.

This was all about the common vibrant egg, but what if I tell you that there is another special type of Easter egg that you can get and the special Easter egg can get you anything from the Easter outfits, Dacia skin or any crate coupon, depending upon your luck factor. You need to follow the simplest steps mentioned below and get your special reward!

How to Get the PUBG Mobile Special Easter Egg?

  • Open PUBG Mobile and look for the Dacia Skin tab in the top right corner as shown i the screenshot below

pubg mobile, pubg, pbg tricks, the golden pan

  • After clicking on the Dacia Skin the luck draw tab will appear, you do not have to do anything about the lucky draw. Just look to the bottom right of the screen and you will find an egg hidden behind few bushes as shown in the screenshot below

pubg, pubg mobile, pubg mobile tricks, the golden pan

  • Now tap on that egg once, and a bigger egg will appear on your screen as shown below. You can see that the egg on my screen above is already broken because I have already collected my reward.

pubg, pubg mobile, pubg mobile tricks, the golden pan

  • Now tap the bigger egg and it will break and your special reward will be displayed on your screen as shown below. I got a crate coupon from the special Easter egg as you can see in the screenshot below. If you are high on luck, you might end up getting a special outfit or even the Pink Dacia skin.

pubg mobie, pubg mobile tricks, the golden pan

After you get your special reward, tap anywhere on the screen to go back to the main screen and enjoy!

This was all about the two types of Easter Eggs in PUBG Mobile that were added after the update and is available for a limited period of time. Do not forget to collect as much vibrant eggs as you can while the event is live to get the maximum battle points. Also, do let us know what special reward you got after breaking the special Easter egg by leaving a comment down below.

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