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PUBG Mobile Spectating System Upgrade Explained

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PUBG Mobile has been a virtual battleground for millions of players who engage in the game every day. Being one of the most popular Battle Royale games on the mobile platform, PUBG Mobile developers have to work hard to keep things working to avoid any interruptions for the players. Recently, PUBG Mobile has upgraded its spectating system, or the spectate feature to stop the cheaters who use the Spectate Hack method to cheat in the game. This method used to be one of the most used and “safer” ways of cheating in PUBG Mobile. Thus, after getting so many reports from players, the developers have finally done something to stop the PUBG Mobile hackers from using spectate hack. In this article, we will talk about the PUBG Mobile Spectating System Upgrade in detail and know-how would that stop the spectate hack users from cheating in PUBG Mobile.

Spectate Hack / Spectator Hack Explained

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Spectate Hack in PUBG Mobile is a safer way of cheating without having the risk of getting banned, yes you heard it right. A spectate hack user in PUBG Mobile is prone to get banned. He or she can use this method of cheating without getting detected by the anti-cheat system.

If you do not know how the PUBG Mobile spectator hack works, then let me tell you that in the spectate hack, the cheater uses two devices. One device is his/her regular mobile phone, and the other device can be a PC/Laptop with an emulator or another smartphone with PUBG Mobile hack installed. The cheater then logs in to the game using his/her main account on which there is no hack or scrips installed, and that is the player’s main account. Now, he/she then log in to the other device with a temporary PUBG Mobile account and activates the X-ray vision script, also known as PUBG Mobile Wallhack.

When he/she enters the match with the real account, the spectator option is already enabled so that he/she can spectate the main account from the one with the X-Ray vision script activated. Now, you must have already gotten an idea about the outcomes of this.

Using this method, the cheater becomes almost invincible, as he/she already knows the location of all the nearby players. He knows the exact location of the opponents using the X-ray vision and, then eliminating them eliminates every player using various tactics.

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How PUBG Mobile Upgraded Spectating System Works

It was quite a challenging task to have come up with a solution, without completely removing the whole spectating feature. But, finally, the developer team achieved it and came up with the upgraded spectator system making this PUBG Mobile hack strategy not work anymore.

Earlier, when a player used to spectate any other player who is playing the match, the system used to show the complete data to the spectator. And, the data included the location of the players, objects, loot, and everything else. Thus, the client (spectator) received all the game data that could easily be decoded and shown by the X-Ray vision with the exact location of enemies in real-time while eliminating any physical barriers.

But, after the update, the developers have restricted the data received by the spectators and made is more or less as the same data received by the player playing the game. Now, when the player who is playing the game sees an enemy, only then the data of that enemy will be transmitted to the spectator. This means, now the X-Ray vision, or the wallhack simply would not receive enough data to process and display.

Check out much More Detailed Explanation of the PUBG Mobile Spectating System Upgrade here.

Upgrading the spectating system made PUBG Mobile somewhat safe from the spectate hackers, but not from the one’s who use scripts and hacks on their primary account and still do not get banned.


It is great news for all the legit PUBG Mobile players who play using their skills and are against using unethical means to win a game. Lately, these PUBG Mobile Cheaters, using all sorts of PUBG Mobile Hacks, have been ruining the gameplay for everyone. The implementation of this new and better spectating system would keep the spectate hackers away for quite some time now. But, one PUBG Mobile anti-cheat system has still a very long way to go to be able to detect all the cheaters and slap them with a 10-year ban notice on their face.

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