PUBG Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile : Comparison, Features, Gameplay, Graphics and More

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Activision’s Call of Duty has been released for both Android as well as iOS users. Put out by Tencent, the same company behind the much successful PUBG Mobile around the globe. As we all know PUBG Mobile has been ruling in the Battle Royale field and still is at the top. Despite the release of many new Battle Royale titles, none was able to conquer PUBG Mobile. This time it is Call of Duty Mobile. Will Call of Duty Mobile be able to make your chicken cravings disappear or not? Let us find out!

PUBG Mobile needs no introduction and so does the Call of Duty. If you are or have been a console gamer then you must have have played Call of Duty sometime in your life. The Call of Duty Mobile is the mobile version of the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (similar to), the Battle Royale version for the PC gamers.

PUBG Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile : Game Modes

Before PUBG Mobile there was not much for the mobile gamers in the Battle Royale genre. After it was made available back in 2018, it spread like fire. Everyone loved it and it redefined the mobile gaming realm. With a refined Battle Royale gameplay experience it became hugely popular among mobile gamers. Now, Call of Duty Mobile has been released keeping in mind the exact same concept with something EXTRA

PUBG Mobile Game Modes:

In classic mode the players have the option to choose between Third Person Perspective (TPP) or the more realistic First Person Perspective (FPP).

Classic Mode:

pubg mobile, pubg mobile vs call of duty mobile

In this mode we have the option to land on an isolated island of our choice including Erangel (The Urban and the very first map), Miramar (The Desert Map), Sanhok (The Tropical Forest Map) and the latest addition Vikendi (The Snow Map). We have to compete with other 99 players and eliminate them to get the Chicken Dinner.

Arcade Mode:

pubg mobile, pubg mobile vs call of duty mobile

This mode is basically for the practicing of your skills and has only 25 players per match. In arcade mode we get the option to choose among Sniper Training in which you can improve your sniping skills, Quick Match in which you get a random weapon be it a Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Pistol or Melee weapon. The third mode under the Arcade mode is the Mini Zone in which you have half the map to play with around 50 players.

Zombie Mode:

pubg mobile, call of duty mobile

In Zombie mode there are two options to choose from namely Survive Till Dawn and Darkest Night. Both have there own perks and needs totally different strategy to survive.

Training Ground: Apart from all the modes above, PUBG Mobile also provides you with a training ground where you have access to every single weapon, vehicle, throw-able and everything else that you get in all four maps combined. Here you can improve your sniping. Make your aim better. Learn to control different guns and make your driving better.

All the above modes can be played in Solo, Duo where you have a friend along with you or Squad in which you are in  group of four people to play the match. Training ground is an exception which does not allow you to enter with your friends and you must be solo.

Call of Duty Mobile Game Modes:

Simple Mode:

call of duty mobile, cod mobile

The simple mode is quite fun to play only if you  are lazy enough and do not want to tap the fire button. In this mode all you have to do is simply point your gun towards your enemy and the game will do the rest for you. As soon as you point your gun on an enemy it will start firing automatically until and unless the enemy is out of your cross-hair sight. Without any fire button it sure sounds fun to play but it is not. The aiming in this mode is very poor and the recoil of your gun is uncontrollable. You have the option to set the distance on which your gun start firing automatically when an enemy is in your guns cross-hair aim.

Advanced Mode:

Advanced mode offers you a much better and refined experience as compared to the simple mode. In this mode you have all your traditional controls including. Here no auto firing is enable and you have to do everything on your own. From aiming, shooting to moving precisely it is becomes quite challenging and enjoyable. You can set up everything yourself and fine tune the controls that best suits you.

Battle Royale Mode:

call of duty mobile vs pubg mobile

We all are aware of the fact that Battle Royale is what’s the much hyped mode of Call of Duty Mobile. Similar to the leader PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile is aiming to provide a much similar experience. In Call of Duty Mobile we have 100 players fighting for the top position. The only difference between the two is the number of maps and the inclusion of “Roles” in the Call of Duty Mobile.

What are Roles in Call of Duty Mobile?

The players will have the option to choose between the six different roles. With every roles players will have there own sets of powers and abilities. The six different roles in Call of Duty Mobile are as follows:

  • Defender: This role get a higher protective strength against different kinds of damage with the exemption of enemy bullets.
  • Mechanic: The mechanic gets an EMP Drone which has the ability to hinder the enemies electrical equipment. The mechanic using the drone can also see the vehicle, traps and other hot spots.
  • Scout: The scout gets a sensor dart which comes in handy to see the nearby enemy locations. Along with that the scout can also track other players path.
  • Clown: They are equipped with a toy bomb which can be useful to distract enemies. And along with that they have the ability to call and deploy zombies on their opponents.
  • Medic: As the name suggests, medics are the healers and has the ability to heal teammates and other alias. They can also heal themselves and revive their teammates at a much faster rate.
  • Ninja: If you have seen ninja turtles or batman then you must be aware about the grapple gun. The Ninja get the same grapple gun which helps them climb any building without taking the stairs. With grappling gun ninja can climb any building without being seen by others.

PUBG Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile : Maps

PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile both have a number of maps which provide a totally unique experience to the players. On one side where PUBG Mobile has four totally different maps based on different regions, weather modes and locations. On the other hand Call of Duty has came up with three times the number of maps of PUBG Mobile that is twelve.

PUBG Mobile Maps

  • Erangel

pubg mobile, call of duty mobile

Erangel is the map that every PUBG Mobile player has played as it was the only map at the time of release. The very first map featuring a near urban location experience. It also includes some of the hugely popular locations including the most infamous Pochinki.

  • Miramar

pubg mobile, call of duty mobile

The second map to join the PUBG Mobile was the desert map, Miramar. Based on a desert with barren land and little to no spots to go prone. With high mountains, dense cities and barren land, all makes this map quite challenging for the players.

  • Sanhok

pubg mobile, call of duty mobile

The third addition to the game was the Sanhok map. This map was totally the opposite of Miramar and is based on a tropical forest location. With greenery all over, random rain, thick fogs and other hiding spots makes this map a heaven for stealth lovers and snipers.

  • Vikendi

pubg mobile, call of duty mobile

Th latest addition to the game is Vikendi aka the snow map. If we compare it with Miramar, there is not much of a difference. Instead of sand they have put snow all over the map. Though the locations are all different. This map also has a snowmobile which can only be found in Vikendi.

Call of Duty Mobile Maps

call of duty mobile

If you have ever played the Call of Duty then you must be aware of the maps. Similarly you will get too see some of the classic maps such as Nuketown, Firing Range, Crash and Hijack. All the maps including the classics has been listed below.

  • Countdown
  • Crash
  • Diner
  • Estate
  • Farm
  • Firing Range
  • Killhouse
  • Launch
  • Nuketown
  • Pipeline
  • Seaside
  • Shipment
  • Standoff

PUBG Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile : Graphics

pubg mobile, cod mobile

PUBG Mobile already has pretty fascinating graphics and the detailing is amazing. From minor details to the reflections PUBG Mobile has provided a console like gaming experience to the mobile gamers. With five different graphic modes to choose from along with custom FPS options. The gameplay looks super fine on the HDR graphics with proper shadows, reflections, high definition audio and very realistic weather PUBG Mobile is one of the best mobile games ever.

call of duty mobile, pubg mobile

One the other side Call of Duty Mobile also has pretty impressive graphics, attention to details and other aspects that makes it stand neck to neck with PUBG Mobile. The textures of Call of Duty Mobile is mind blowing and the detailing on the maps is palpable.

Call of Duty Mobile : Other Features

vcall of duty mobile, cod mobile, pubg mobile

Perks/Abilities: Call of Duty Mobile offers the players to have perks or character ability. With the character abilities one can have advantage in a particular department. The abilities are always passive and help you during the combats. For example with the Ghost ability you can be much stealthy which makes it easier for you to hide from your enemies drones. Other ability is Fast Recover which allow players to heal at a much faster rate. In one load out you can carry three abilities and can combine them as well to get added benefits.

Weapon Skills: There are weapon skills that you can carry along with you one per load out. There are a number of weapon skills to choose from including a mini gun, flame thrower etc. These are quite powerful weapons though can be used only once or twice per match.

Scorestreaks: These scorestrikes are unlocked while reaching certain point in match. The UAV or drone we talked about above is the easiest scorestreak to unlock. The UAV makes it possible for you to find out the locations of the nearby enemies ad display the same on the mini map. Along with that you can also carry out air strike with the same.

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It is clear that PUBG Mobile now has a challenger in the Battle Royale game, but will the Call of Duty Mobile be able to beat PUBG Mobile in terms of active users? It cannot be concluded yet. We will have to wait to see what the future holds for the newly released title the Call of Duty Mobile. According to me PUBG Mobile is very much fun to play and already everyone has this game on their phones. Call of Duty Mobile has a long way to go and give PUBG Mobile users a solid reason to quit their favorite battle royale game and move to the new Call of Duty environment. What do you think, is Call of Duty Mobile Better than PUBG Mobile? Let us know your opinion through the Poll provided above or in the comment section.

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