Rules and Terms & Conditions | The Golden Pan BGMI Tournament

Last updated: July 28, 2021

Please read these Rules and Terms & Conditions (“Terms”, “Terms of Use”) for The Golden Pan BGMI Tournament carefully before registering for SQUAD/DUO/SOLO Tournaments (PAID or FREE) operated by The Golden Pan (“us”, “we”, or “our”).

Your access to and use of the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all participants, visitors, users and others who access, use the Service, or participate in the tournament.

Here, BGMI stands for BattleGrounds Mobile India by KRAFTON, the game in which the tournament will be held. It should not be misunderstood with any other game or word.

By accessing, using the Service, or participating in the tournament you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not access the Service, or participate in the tournament.


  • Each member of the team (squad or duo) must pay the registration fee to play for the PAID match or tournament.

  • If you are unable to attend the match on time, you will not be refunded.

  • Room ID and Password will be shared on our official Telegram Channel 15 minutes before the start of the match.

  • Before the start of the match, make sure you join the match room ASAP.

  • If you are unable to enter the room by the time the match starts, we are not responsible for that. In such cases, the refund will not be processed. So do not forget to join in on time.

  • Make sure your BGMI username matches the registered BGMI username.

  • The money will be distributed among the players who played the match and got a rewarding position. A player/team who fails to enter the match will not receive a prize.

  • In case of a clash in points between two or more teams, the number of kills will be taken into account and the winner will be decided accordingly.

Code of Conduct

  • Players who communicate verbally with other players (swearing, racism, sexism) will be disqualified upon complaint.

  • Players should speak respectfully to the game organizers, and spectators.

  • Players must not share the Tournament Room ID and Password with other players/teams who are not a part of the match.

  • Using of illegal software/applications and other third-party software(s) is prohibited.

  • Both writing and verbal flooding (spamming) are prohibited.

  • Players cannot share accounts.

Technical Problems

  • All players are responsible for problems with their phones and computers.

  • The tournament room will not be restarted due to a problem with any player(s) phone or computer.

  • We are not responsible if you are unable to enter the match.

  • If the problem concerns multiple players, it is in the initiative to restart the foyer of the BGMI tournament.

  • If the total number of players are under 48, the match will be postponed until 48 or more players register for the tournament.

Use of Third Party Programs and Exploiting Bugs

  • All visual enhancement programs are banned from the tournament. Exploitation of any kind of Bug(s) during the tournament match is prohibited.

  • Use of all illegal programs, macro, hacks, cheats, and third-party programs is prohibited.

Complaint System

  • Players can send their matches to within 48 hours.

  • Complaints submitted after 48 hours of registration will not be taken into account.

Match Check-In And Progress

  • The Tournament Match Details, including the Room ID and Password will be sent through the official Telegram Channel of The Golden Pan.

  • Once the Room ID and Password is provided, the players must move to their designated slots.

  • The team must have at least three players to play the tournament. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to enter the match. (This rule is not applicable if any player(s) in the team is interrupted during the game).

  • Players must confirm about their participation an hour before the start of the match, otherwise they will not be allowed to join the match.

  • Players must be ready in the lobby 10 minutes before the start of the match.

Rules of the Match

  • All matches will be played on the latest version of BGMI.

  • The matches will be played in Erangel in sunny weather.

  • Teaming with opposing teams is prohibited. Any Teams caught teaming will be disqualified and rank last in the standings without the need of any proof.

  • All team captains must take match screenshots at the end of the match.

  • An inseparable player must reconnect to the game. If not, the team should continue the match briefly with the available number of players.

  • If more than 15 players are disconnected, the tournament room will be re-created.

  • The match will continue as soon as the players start jumping from the plane, no matter how many players are disconnected.

  • If the team leaves the game, and does not re-connects to the match, the team will score zero points.

  • Teams must start the first card of the match with 3 players.

  • If the team points will clash, the number of kills will be the deciding factor.

Team Modifications

  • All team members must be at least 15 years of age or older.

  • The team consists of 3 players and 1 IGL. No substitute is allowed.

  • Players must play on specified accounts.

  • Players cannot exchange accounts.


  • After using third-party software, the player will be banned indefinitely in all BGMI tournaments hosted by The Golden Pan and its Partners.

  • After breaking the rules, the players will not be able to score any points from this match, and the final score will be ZERO.

  • If a team member caught exploiting any bug in the tournament, will receive a penalty of -30 match points along with a final warning.

  • If the team uses a fake player, all points from the matches played by the false player will be restored to ZERO.

  • Teams that have been fined five times during the tournament will be disqualified from all BGMI tournaments hosted by The Golden Pan and its partners for 6 months.

  • If anyone finds that they have violated these rules, action will be taken soon and appropriate accounts may be blocked and rewards can be discarded.

  • Creating fake accounts with remittances is strictly prohibited if some accounts are suspended.

  • The Golden Pan reserves the right to change any given rule(s) along with the rewards at any point of time.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us. Join our official Telegram Channel for all the Tournament Updates.