Eligibility & Rules for The Clan

Every Clan has it’s own set of Eligibility Criteria, Rules & Regulations which are the most important aspect of any clan to function properly. We have to assure that everyone gets treated equally and no one is getting more or less. That is why we have certain rules so that we can provide a stable environment for every member in the clan. Note that Rules are not meant to be broken here, if in any case anyone tends to break the rules of the Clan then that member will be warned first, and then kicked off the clan if he/she breaks the rules again despite the warning.


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Let us first talk about the Eligibility for the clan & how you can be a part of it.

  • First & foremost, you must strictly be 16 or above.
  • Your profile level must be 50+
  • K/D Must be 2 or Above, anything less than 2 is not acceptable.
  • Must be a player of Asia Server.
  • Must know English as their secondary language (For Foreign Players)
  • Must be a mobile player, no emulators allowed.

That was some basic eligibility factors that you must fulfill in Order to be eligible for the clan, after all the eligibility criteria is met you can fill in the form & Submit. The Leader & the Co-Leaders will then invite you for a couple of quick match and then depending upon your performance you will be selected.


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Now once you have joined the clan, there are certain rules that you will need to follow. All the rules and regulations have the same initiative, that is to make everything keep running in an order and maintain a peaceful and friendly environment.

  • Must be humble & polite with other clan mates.
  • No spamming in Clan chat.
  • Using the Clan Tag
  • We prefer equality over nepotism and your total Season Activity will get you promoted, nothing else.
  • If you will be Inactive for 15 days or more then you will be kicked from the clan automatically, in order to not get kicked out from the clan you must inform the Clan Leader/Co-Leader (who so ever is available), DM on the Instagram Page or can even email us at contact@thegoldenpan.com before going offline for more than 15 days.


We are not the typical clan where the Leader’s brothers, sisters or any close friends gets promotion while others are ignored. We believe in transparency and follow the principle of “Non-Nepotism”. That means if you will perform well in the clan training and rank higher then you will be promoted. It is as simple as that.

How to Apply

Fill out this Form [Clan Request Form] and we will Contact you via Email or Discord to carry on with the Further Steps.

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