Soon you will be able to play PUBG in real life

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Not much long ago, PUBG was released for the PC users and became extremely popular after the release of the mobile version of the game. If you are not living on an isolated island without any internet connection you must have, once in your lifetime, heard about PUBG and PUBG Mobile. Approx 400 Million people across the globe play this Battle Royale game. No wonders, it is one of the finest battle royale game that provides the best and most realistic gaming experience to it’s players. From the inclusion of real life guns to other equipment, makes it stand above the rest in the realism game.

Now, a millionaire or can even be a billionaire who loves PUBG has came up with the idea of creating the same experience in real life for the battle royale lovers. Hushhush, a website, also known as the amazon for the rich people has a listing that reads “We’re looking for someone who can help design the arena for a 100 people Battle Royale inspired event”. The winner of this real life battle royale tournament will get as much as £100,000, if converted into USD it totals $130,650 and in Indian Rupees it converts into approximately 10,000,000.

Not just this, the unnamed millionaire is also offering £45,000 or 4,000,000 to any professional and experienced battle royale gamer who will help setting up the tournament and turning this whole idea into reality. This whole tournament will take place on a unknown private island for 12 hours daily and will last for 3 days.

Now many of you must be wondering that isn’t this whole idea of organizing a battle royale tournament on a private island is illegal? Let me clear you, the competitors of this event will be provided with airsoft guns and touch sensitive armors, helmets and every other equipment that you can find in PUBG or PUBG Mobile. The airsoft guns don’t have much power and it’s impact does not hurt either. The competitors will also be provided food and camping equipment and safety will also be a top priority.

If the whole event would be successful this year then we might see a huge change in the battle royale field, that would not be limited to your smartphones and PC, but also any gamer would be able to play it in real life! Let us know what do you think about the whole concept of this real life battle royale and if you got a chance would you like to compete in the tournament?

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