Meet the Team


I am the Founder and the Leader of The Golden Pan, a 23 year old guy who is also an engineer. When I was born my parents chose the username “Rishi” for me. A passionate writer and an avid mobile gamer, traveler and photographer. I love to make new friends and online multiplayer games is what excites me the most. Modern Combat, Asphalt 8, Clash of Clan are the titles I used to play before PUBG Mobile was released. My IGN “Scream” is inspired by the Transformers character “Starscream” a deadly Decepticon who turns into a fighter jet. In PUBG Mobile I love camping and sniping (only when I have AWM). When I do hot drops I prefer Georgopol, Military Base (not novorep) and sometimes Mylta Power. My favorite weapons in PUBG Mobile is Pan (only if it’s GOLD :P), AKM w/suppressor, M16A4 and UZI. I prefer Holographic Sight over Red Dot Sight. No triggers, no claw! only two thumb and gyroscope is enough for me to make the opponents SCREAM!


My real name is Sahil, people know me better as SKYNYT, the name inspired by an American fighter aircraft “Douglas F3D Skyknight“, which is effective in every condition. I love outside sports as well as E-Sports. PUBG Mobile according to me is a game which requires a lot of skill and smart play rather than just clicking the shoot button. Being the Co-leader and an experienced player, its my responsibility to perform well and provide useful insights. I always learn and strive to be better. One advice, Stay away when i have M416. My favorite weapons are AKM and M416 and favorite map is Erangel.


Engineer by Day and Gamer by Night. Playing games is more than just a hobby for me, it is a way of living. Apart from gaming, I like to hang out with friends, watch movies, try out new coding languages, etc. Played a lot of different games, my all time favorites are CS:1.6, CS:GO, NES Most Wanted, NFS Rivals, Tekken and PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile changed a lot of things in my gaming routine, it provided a new level of competitiveness that I loved in Counter-Strike "but on a smartphone" which allowed us to play anywhere, with a team of 4 in a battle royale (that was the best part). I use 4 fingers claw + gyroscope layout and like to play with DP-28 (4 or 6x) and M416 (AR Suppressed + 3x) combo. My favorite map is Erangel and favorite locations are Georgopol, Mylta, Pochinki, and Novorepnoye.

My real name is Watsal and I'm 17 years young. My PUBG Mobile IGN is「GOLD」WATSAL. I started playing online multiplayer games few years back. Earlier I used to play an online mmorpg named Arcane Legends then I switched to everyone's favorite Clash of Clans. Now, all I play is PUBG Mobile, nothing else! When I'm not playing PUBG, you will find me playing my favorite sport that is Cricket. I also love to discover new interesting things on Instagram. The main reason of for playing PUBG Mobile is I get to know players from around the globe and it develops a sense of Problem handling in difficult situations in real life. My favorite regular guns are (M416,DP-28) and sometimes I prefer using AWM if I get one & Erangel is where I reside.
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