Win a Free Resident Evil Umbrella Costume in PUBG Mobile by Uploading your Gameplay

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PUBG Mobile is well known when it comes in bringing new and fresh content to it’s players. With timely updates and cool new features the developers are making the game better and better with time. Their main goal is to keep the players engaged and make the game even more fun then before. Many players across the globe love recording their gameplay and upload it on social networking websites such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or even live stream. PUBG Mobile developers are well aware of the same fact and have came up with a contest named PUBG Mobile Perfect Moment Contest.

As per their tweet, players will have to record their PUBG Mobile gameplay video and upload it to any social networking website they use. Players must also use the hashtag #pubgmperfectmoment with the uploaded gameplay video in order to get noticed by the PUBG Mobile team. Simple right! but it is not as simple as it sounds. Players from all across the globe will upload their gameplay videos in order to grab this golden opportunity. The winner will not only get featured in an official PUBG Mobile video but will also get the Resident Evil Umbrella Costume worth thousands of UC as shown in the screenshot above.

Most Useful Points to Remember before starting

  • Recording gameplay properly is quite easy if done properly and with a good screen recorder. Remember, a perfect moment comes just once, if not recorded properly can make the whole gameplay video a huge let down and make the chances very slim of your winning. So in order to record the perfect gameplay video one must use a good and reliable screen recorder which can record videos at 60 FPS and at a minimum resolution of 1080p or 720p for low end phones.

For Android users following are the Best and tested screen recorders with the capability to record gameplays at 60 FPS and 1080p resolution. Install any one of the below recorders and test it with your own device in Arcade Mode. For iPhone users the native iOS screen recorder is the best.

1) Screen Recorder – No Ads by Kimcy929

Screen Recorder – No Ads is an excellent screen recorder for any Android device. The size is only 4 MB with the capability of recording high quality videos at 60 FPS. This screen recorder is also perfect for people who do love ads in their applications. Install it from HERE

2) AZ Screen Recorder – No Root by Hecorat

AZ Screen Recorder is another gem in the mine full of crappy screen recorders. I have used it for quite a long time and it never disappointed me whatsoever. This is quite well know with over 10 Million downloads and an average of 4.6/5. You can download this application from HERE

3) ADV Screen Recorder by ByteRev

ADV Screen Recorder is another lightweight and reliable Screen Recorder on the Play Store. This screen recorder has also been featured on Android Community, TuttoAndroid and Android World for it’s practicality. Packed in a small 5 MB file, you can download the ADV Screen Recorder from HERE

4) ScreenCam Screen Recorder by Orpheusdroid Apps (For ONEPLUS Users)

ScreenCam Screen Recorder is an outstanding all in one screen recording application that has been my favorite screen recording app and I record all my gameplays at 60 FPS on my OnePlus 6. It is an open source application with the capability of recording In-Game sound perfectly without any Root Access. If you have any OnePlus device then I would highly recommend you to install this application without any second thoughts from HERE

  • Now coming to the next point, after installing your favorite screen recorder application you need to configure it properly. For the best output you can set the Frame Rate at 60 FPS and Resolution at 1080p, also you can set the Bit-rate anywhere between 4 Mbps to 8 Mbps (the higher, the better). Remember, the higher the bit-rate would be, the higher the file size, so set it accordingly. For a ow end phone you can set the resolution to 720p at 30 FPS with a bit-rate somewhere between 3 Mbps to 4Mbps. For high end devices, use the setting mentioned above.

  • Your main aim is to produce a high quality entertaining video, so make sure the internal in-game sound recording setting is turned on. Due to android recent restrictions recording the Internal Audio has been a pain for gamers and content creators. But, you still can record the In-Game audio at the cost of not being able to talk to your teammate while recording the gameplay, but that is totally okay, viewers does not want to see you talk ish with your teammates, but to experience the full game with the sound of the 7.62MM that you spray from your AKM on your opponents.

  • Try to make it short and Wowish! nobody loves watching the full 30 minutes long boring gameplay video. Even the contest is named as “PUBG Mobile Perfect Moment” and a moment is not 30 minutes long, LOL :p Jokes apart, capture the full gameplay video and if there is any perfect moment in that match, just crop that small part (maximum 5 minutes long) from the video and upload it wherever you want with the hashtag #pubgmperfectmoment.

  • Do not settle with just a single perfect moment video, keep recording your matches and then crop some amazing clutches, squad wipes, stunts and whatever you think is entertaining and upload the same. The more you will upload your gameplay, the more will be your chances to get noticed by the PUBG Mobile Team.

  • It is highly recommended that you must upload your gameplay videos on some popular social networking websites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. This will make your video get noticed by the PUBG Mobile team easily as compared to less popular websites.


Last but not least, try the best you can and keep the videos short and entertaining. Keep in mind that the viewers must be amazed by your gameplay moment video, only then you will be able to win the contest. Share your gameplay video as much as you can on multiple social networking websites to widen the chances of your winning. If you need any further help regarding anything related to the contest then you can leave a comment below or DM us on our Instagram Page. We would love to help you out!

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